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  1. Usually I approach them head on, that's how most missions are anyways. Yes I do turn on radar to try to find them until I can see them.
  2. How does one get a good kill ratio with IR missiles? Almost every R-73 that I've shot has been dodged by the AI with flares. It's kind of neat to see the missile being diverted by flares but at the same time it makes a waste of all my shots. I haven't had this issue with the R-77s. Do I have to get behind my opponent to get a better hit rate with them?
  3. Hmmm now that you mention it... Yes I power off the second monitor (right). When I look with my mouse sometimes the mouse goes into the second monitor even though it's turned off. I have to move the mouse back left in order to see it again on the screen. I'm not 100% if I clicked when this happened but that would definitely explain why it loses focus (i.e. I click outside of DCS). DCS would lose focus when the second monitor was on and I was using firefox or saitek HUD. As far as settings go I'm pretty sure I have only one monitor set in the settings. Will have to double check.
  4. Nice! This looks pretty good. Any threads about this for Su-27 , F-15? Seems only A-10 and Ka-50 are supported.
  5. Would be nice to be able to lay out (and save) instruments on a second monitor in order to avoid looking down with the mouse / pov hat. Would anyone else be interested?
  6. So I read the manual for Su 27. I didn't find any mention for which AoA to use when landing. Is there a chart? Also as far as glide slope goes is it mostly accurate to say that if the ils indicator is centered then I'm on the glide slope? Would like to be able to learn to land (and navigate) properly.
  7. I have an issue where sometimes DCS will lose focus and will get minimized in game. I have two monitors, however I keep the second one (right) off when playing. I think there might be some notification in the tray that might cause this. Ideally I would like to avoid going through the exercise to find out which one as there is nothing on the desktop when DCS is minimized. Anyone have a similar issue? Any way to deal with this?
  8. Thanks for summarizing it! :D Even though this isn't FSX I hope they'll consider updating some of these things in the future. Maybe make new "advanced systems" modules for the planes in FC3.
  9. Can you explain how imperial makes more sense for navigation? In general I find metric to be OK (it's base 10 etc.). I know that imperial has an advantage of having more divisors between the units etc. Is that ever used in navigation? Or do imperial units somehow correspond to the longitude latitude coordinates?
  10. I know that Russian planes use kilometers and that American planes use nautical miles. Is one any better than the other? I'm curious as to what the advantages / disadvantages are of the different scales.
  11. does anyone know if there are any plans for a realistic su-27 or mig-29 model (any variant)? @JNA what do you mean far from realism? My understanding is that the flight physics should be good, are you saying those are also not up to par?
  12. Ah ok, so I'm guessing it's because all FC3 modules are SSM for the system part of the simulation. Are there any plans to upgrade those?
  13. There's a lot of posts saying that FC3 is not a high fidelity module for DCS. Can somebody explain to me what is meant by that? Is there a wiki / page that explains which modules are realistic and which ones are not? I also know that FC3 has a simplified cockpit, is that true for other modules?
  14. If I'm not mistaken DCS started all the way back in 1996 with this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Su-27_Flanker_%28video_game%29 Ideally Su-27 would be the best in terms of development.
  15. Thanks for the info Ironhand! I was referring to this in the other thread by pepin: Is he referring to the PRF when he says to set the distance to 50 km? Also for your last response do you mean pointing the radar up a few degrees? Also what do you mean by "clear of the jamming strobe to maintain contact" I understand that ECM will make it hard to lock on for the enemy but at the same time will make you more visible due to the noise. Does this somehow change with range?
  16. I remember that from the training as well. This only applies to BVR mode right? However there is a problem is with jamming from the bombers(?). Any way to determine from MFD? Also I noticed there is another thread about this mission :) From what I read / understood there is a a way to reduce the radar detection radius / distance to get around the BVR issue. Is this a confirmed? Also how do I know what my detection distance is? Is it based on the modes? AVT ZPS and PPS (these are cyrillic)? By default it's AVT (auto) so I think it should work. Also which is ZPS and PPS? Is ZPS high frequency pulse and PPS low frequency? is high frequency better for longer distance?
  17. Thanks for the info! I'll check out those videos! How would I know that an a plane has a bigger radar signature? On the MFD they all look the same to me.
  18. I've gone through most of the training and have been trying out the Su-27 Intercept mission (in the instant combat/action section). I have a lot of question which I hope can be cleared up When I am in BVR mode and turn on radar (izl in cyrillic is shown on HUD) there appears to be a weird glitch where there are two columns of stacked targets on the HUD (sort of like a broken screen). When in close combat mode I can't lock on to targets when I have my radar on. I can when it's off and I only have heat sensor on. I think these two issues might have to do with the fact that there is AWACS, or the enemy is using some sort of jamming. When shooting the 73R I can't tell whether I need radar on or not. Generally I've turned it on in order to get the missle to fire. What I know for certain is that it takes a longer hold to fire but I'm not sure whether my radar needs to be on or if AWACS is enough. As an aside are missile fire and forget or do I need to keep tracking the enemy until it hits or misses? I expect thermal to be fire and forget. I've disabled all the assists like labels and such. How do I tell which plane is what in the sky? I've had difficulties with this. For example I locked on to the B-52s first and because I focused on them I got shot down by the F-5s. I've also had an instance where I shot my wingman down by accident. Also does the radar detection warning system warn about missiles that my wingman shoots? When I assign a target to him and he shoots I get beeps that are similar. However at that instant there didn't appear anything coming my way. Any help on this would be most appreciated. I really want to be able to get this one every time (and a few of the other missions) before I venture out online.
  19. Got the x55 this friday. I'm pretty happy with it. Do you guys usually program it in game or with the software? It's hard to tell which button is what in DCS.
  20. Do you (or anybody else) lose consciousness on an engine failure/shutdown? I've had this happen to me, somehow doubt that I was pushing any serious Gs.
  21. Right now I think I'll probably go with the X-55. Seems to be the best choice. Is there anything else similar? There seems to be a huge gap (i.e. the Warthog would be next up at 3x the cost).
  22. Pretty sure it always did that. I recall back from the flanker days it would do that.
  23. I've recently purchased FC3. I'm trying to figure out which joystick to get. There are some threads about this however some models suggested are either too expensive / no longer in production. Also it seems that many of the suggestions are geared to the A10. I would be flying Su-27 /MiG-29/ F-15 My budget for this is about $200. I would like to get something that will last me a while. I am also considering getting rudder pedals.
  24. This happens to me on engine failure / shut down. It's pretty easy to reproduce just shut down the engine and then turn it on and go to afterburner (i.e. try to break the thing) and fly around. Doing that twice will cause engine failure and the cockpit view will be blacked out.
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