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  1. So a few people have likely noticed that on the ground roll you need hardly any rudder input to keep the CEII straight down the runway. I was thinking about it some more and I was wondering if that is happening because it's a bi-plane? That is the extra set of wings disturb the prop wash before it hits the stabilizer. I'm no aerospace engineer so this is pure speculation. Thoughts?

  2. Well this one has a 200hp engine, the warbirds have what? 1500hp? There should be a difference in torque. ;)


    Yeah but even a C172 needs more attention to the rudder on the ground than this one. It produces 180hp and is a tricycle configuration. I think they'll update the ground handling on this sooner or later.

  3. I'm a bit surprised at how easy this one handles on the ground. The tail wheel seems to be connected directly to the rudder so no differential breaking needed like the WWII birds. Taking off was surprisingly easy as well. It just took off not much yaw to fight on the roll. The D9 and the spitfire on the other hand took a few tries before I could get them off the ground.

  4. As a beginner what are you looking for? Learning to fly? A2A? A2G?


    To learn to fly I'd stick with the TF-51. Use P-51 manual and videos for reference. Costs you nothing.


    A2G? Can't go wrong with the Su-25T. Also costs you nothing.


    A2A? Get FC3. It's not clickable but assuming you're into modern air combat this would be the one.


    If you're looking to spend money, I would go for one of the WWII birds. The flight models have their own quirks that force you to learn how to manage them correctly. The jets are much easier to fly. You can learn A2A (and A2G in some cases) and how to do it manually. Fully clickable cockpit allows you to explore procedures and nuances of the aircraft. All the modern planes are neutered in one way or another.

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