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  1. Just when I just bought the Gazelle, and was thinking of saving up my money for the L39/Sabre/Mig15bis... DCS never fails to blow a hole in my pocket...
  2. OMG.. Thanks... Lol.. I wasn't expecting to learn such things in a combat flight simulator. haha.. Guess I can think about it.. :D But I will most likely take some time to absorb.. wonder if there is any place i can learn how to get my own control panel :P
  3. For one, warthog Throttle by Thrustmaster, uses magnetic ones, at least that's what their page says.
  4. How do you tighten the spade terminals? Actually after i open it up and adjust the wire to avoid the cables during the sliding of the throttle, and replace back, it does get more smoother, but i will monitor it for now to see if it still happens. Thanks.
  5. I guess, I will get myself the warthog throttle then. haha.. Cos I don't really have much confidence in fixing it up myself. well, I can just break it apart when my new one is here to see if I can do something about it then.. Thanks!
  6. you mean when replacing potentiometer or getting a new throttle :P
  7. Actually, I have been having problems with my CH pro throttle. - Whether plug in directly to my computer or to my usb hub, there is some sort of jitter(I think that's what you call it) Z-axis. - Only difference is how much and how bad. - It's like when i pull my throttle up and down, the CH control manager shows that there are times when it jumps to a weird scale. - like when I am actually decelerating, it suddenly jumps to max speed. and if I re-decelerate, by pushing the throttle up and pushing back down, it finally goes down correctly. Is this a known problem for the throttle?
  8. I will continue to practice like this for now.. Thanks for all of your help! Anyway, what do you mean by adjusting landing patterns?
  9. Thanks. my problem seems to be the 5nm and also not using the ILS(lol). I have been trying to land around half that distance. after using the map to mark an imaginary starting point, I manage to get myself a more stable speed and land, though my throttle just went haywire at the last minute that prevents me from stopping in time. As I am always landing on another runway, I need to find the waypoint to that runway to allow the ILS to run though
  10. Maybe I might need to re-read the manual again, but how do you gauge the distance to the runway? Is there a number some where on the instrument or is it just using the map?
  11. Any idea what are some of the reasons one would always fall short the runway, and have to re-establish the throttle to reach the runway? It feels like I dropped the throttle too soon, but my speed is way too fast, to not drop though, unless that means that I am supposed to take my distance to slow myself down? @GGTharos, actually, yeah, I am quite sure my load is quite heavy, I was just using a certain mission to train the landing as it allows free-flight (enemies are damn far away.) but i left the armament as it is..
  12. Well, I did that once because I forgot to deploy the wheels and it work rather well in slowing down, but if my purpose is to learn how to control the plane normally, i dun think that will work out.
  13. Haha lol.. yeah, I am having problems getting my throttle to respond properly at times, so the speed end up getting too much at times, or I just suck at delicate controls. I don't even know how I got the first one right actually, I just kept on trying. Still couldn't get the feel of it yet, and I found myself always dropping way too early before the runway all the time, and also bouncing on the runway... But thanks for taking your time to look at the tracks. :)
  14. Advise what am I doing wrong. I just started out really playing the game so I thought rather than complex stuff like combat, i was trying out landing first... I am still very bad at landing, so was hoping I can get some critics on where I am doing wrong and stuff. Hope you guys can help me out... Landed but Jerky.trk Landed but Went Out.trk
  15. When do you usually play and also any messenger like skype or anything? pm? Just wanted to know when i can usually call out to you, if you don't mind :D PS: Sorry, that it ended up kinda of hijacking the thread...
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