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  1. Just create a correctly named folder structure in your saved games, and in this case, extract the images from the download zip and place them in the folder... For the hornet it is.. C:\Users\<YOUR PC NAME>\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\KNEEBOARD\FA-18C_hornet\ Helps if you bind buttons to kneeboard view, and prev and next commands in DCS controls
  2. Minsky Thanks for the update, the original was good, these are better, sincerely thanks for sharing...
  3. Snipped 06APR21... you can work out the time line from that..... Brilliant!
  4. Sorry to hear that Ben, If I can do anything to assist just shout. If you do not find anywhere that suits you, you're welcome to hang your hat in 892 with the Hornet or under the umbrella of 1 FTS if you want to use the servers and keep in touch with the wider RAFAir community.. You know where to find me.. Chris
  5. load Hercules_Cargo.lua in the ME as a trigger 'do script file' action or use Hercules_Cargo_CTLD.lua if you have MIST loaded and use CTLD. Hope this helps some,
  6. See attached png... STEAM VR beta 1.15.13
  7. Agreed. On the G2 Setting SteamVR resolution per eye to 118%, the indicated dot position on the slider bar, gives me the same result as setting 2160 x 2160 on the G1. Initially I set 2160 x 2160 on the G2 and instantly noticed the poorer res in use. Use the dotted position on the slider bar for max. So far G1 v G2 all is good as indicated by reviewers but the standouts must be speakers 1st, larger sweetspot 2nd and comfort / tilt 3rd and to boot a thinner cable... ,
  8. No, ai response changes build by build at the moment and of course they are pretty stupid in the first place. Use a wpzone and all will be good. Create an available trigger zone called wpzone1 ..... or whatever is named in your script if you have changed it.... and place the center at or behind the enemy making sure the LZ is within the zone. Any troops dropped in the zone will make their way tot he center. If enemy are in the way, bingo you have a fight, as desired..... Hope this helps, sri if you already know this function...
  9. Agreed 100%... at times I just wish the info feeds from RB on changes were better than what they are.... but then we are getting fixes / changes so I am happy...
  10. Yes, I can only assume it is feet, and yes the display changing that way is pretty annoying. Divide by 6000 and you'll get something near NM.... better still unbox it and just use the bearing unless of course you're short on gas. I've no idea if it is staying or was a slip... the HUD symbiology appears to be in a state of flux and RAZBAM info about it is pretty tight lipped for whatever reason. Note you have 2 altimeter read outs all the time now as well.... above 5K you see one preceded with a D - I think that's for digital - GPS but no idea...
  11. Performance is often equipment dependent. Syria does use more RAM.... but DCS maximises my 2080ti 100% most of the time in VR (HP Reverb = high res) which is great.... downside uses around 20-22 of RAM. High GPU % and high settings means sharp clear smooth play and for once the GPU is worth the price. With all the other maps the GPU is throttled by DCS to an average of 70% which is not so good. Downside is if you do not have a 32 RAM DCS probably uses a lot of disc writes which gives the stutter unless you drop your settings. i7 6700k OC 4.5 32 RAM GTX 2080ti For me I woul
  12. Gizzy


    Sometimes works just fine point to point.... i.e. 1 WP but for me, never over a NSEC grouped WP route....
  13. Thanks for coming back Elmo. Yes, just tested test.miz on witht he same result. Just for info... ME gives WP1: CS 300GS 1:23 WP2: CS 420GS 3:12 WP3: CS 420GS 4.56 WP4: CS 420GS 6:00 Spawn time is 0400UTC so set up NSEC ingress 1-4 and egress 5 and enter a TOT of 04.08.00 hitting the enter key at 2 minutes after spawn and then TO. The CS caret appears accurate and responsive to WP 1 then just goes slow. Manually fly CS to the WPs on the timings above gives correct TOT at WP4. Caret is always max left. Tried even setting TP to WP 4 before take off (should b
  14. The point of the caret is to adjust your COMMAND SPEED to get within 1 minute of planned TOT. GS has always been correct in relation to the map with any TIME / DISTANCE calculation. TOT is simply broken.
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