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  1. Hi, and thank you for this campaign! Only 3 missions in and I'm really loving it! This is what made me purchased the F-16C (finally!) It's a great training tool, it's very suitable for beginners too and has great replayability. Even if I played/flew Falcon 4.0/BMS for so many years, I'm surprised it's coming back to me fairly easily already (too bad some features are not yet impelemented, like Bullseye). Some people seem to like the idea of completing campaigns as fast as possible. I am not that kind of player. I like to plan ahead, read guides, watch some tut
  2. Yes. It is called Task Force Challenger.
  3. Just updated and still don't see it.
  4. I have the same problem. Can't even pass initial mission. Tried 4 times no joy. My TGP points directly at the target, but the fall line is way off and the bombs miss Not to mention my wingman don't engage a single target even if I told him to engage and rejoin, or engage ground targets. SO not sure what I am doing wrong, or a DCS bug?
  5. Can Combat Flite be used for mission planning, or is it going to mess up the triggers and scripting?
  6. I set up a simple CAS mission with AI JTAC in the Range 74. It tells me IP is FORD. Maybe I'm just blind, but there is no such thing as tacpoint FORD anywhere. I've searched everywhere but no luck. Any idea anyone? Thanks.
  7. Just a little "derusting" after couple weeks off. Eastern Campaign little campaign by Sim Sedlo is kinda perfect for that.
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