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  1. I don't really understand the relationship between ccip and GPS availability... It should feed from the AGR or, if not available, the radio altimeter.
  2. Third parties (e.g. Heatblur) have developed in some cases quite complex INS drift simulations. I would expect nothing less from ED.
  3. I agree, it's a fundamental feature of MITL weapons, hopefully ED will implement the needed interfaces soon (JF-17 suffers same problem)
  4. Honestly, ED should drop the AG classification filtering for SAM interceptions and just take into account store RCS regardless the type
  5. What is the peculiarity of this missile compared with the existing Sparrows?
  6. Has the seeker logic changed as well? It's more realistically modelled in the F-16
  7. There quite a bunch of highly expected bugfixes and features to come more important that the Slam-er, if you ask me
  8. Is it possible to disable Link 16 in the mission editor?
  9. Is the Shrike still been considered? And the Walleye I?
  10. As stated, the problem is really evident in large targets such as frigates, HARMS always impact on ship centroid instead of the actual radar emitter.
  11. As the title says, is SAM Multiple engagement capability (in the SA-10 for example) modelled in DCS?
  12. Hi, any news on this? I really love the SA-4 and it would add a nice tactical dimension to current IADS in game
  13. Fantastic post @Fri13 I would add absolute lack of wind correction in CCIP and AUTO modes
  14. Artic scenery anyone?
  15. Unfortunately we have perfectly boresighted Mavs, in comparison with Viper's. We don't have even the option (existing in RL). I would love Mavs in the Hornet gets improved to the level of the Viper's.
  16. Harriers sidearm are the bugged ones, not the HARMS. In general, antiradiation missiles are a denial weapon, it forces enemy forces to turn their radar off, but for destruction you need to use more conventional means, since ARM pk is in general quite poor
  17. No you can't. You operate pretty much of your sensors through the large TADS display only available in Copilot's cockpit
  18. Welcome to real life buddy!
  19. OK thats interesting. I might try as well. Thanks for the note
  20. I don't understand this post. I can designate any empty area in RWS mode and the scan would automatically recenter. My only issue is that if it happens to be any contact close to the area where I designated it automatically enters into STT, which is annoying
  21. I confirm. This also happen with rockets. Dumb bombs on CCIP however seems to be accurate. This post should be moved to BUG section and take care by developers
  22. Well when you uncage the maverick it points to the current target point (whose source could be the TGP) with deadly precision, which should only be attained when you boresight it. The process in the viper still applies to the hornet even if the hornet doesn't have the direct handover capability
  23. Just watch last wags video about maverick boresighting and you will understand my query
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