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  1. I hate track IR as well. Might consider trying 2D again if there was a better solution. I never even liked it much before VR it was just better than not having it. With the Vive tracking system though would it not be a simple matter to construct some sort of alternative (using a baseball cap maybe) tracking device using the VIVE's basestations?
  2. DCS has never run better than it does for me right now on the index. I was flying over Vegas yesterday and just marveling at how much the performance has improved since I started on VR about 4 years ago. MSFS is working great too now, but VR really does require a lot of tweaking. MSFS was an abomination when I first loaded it up! I kinda get the feeling as well that the people who have performance issues with DCS tend to be those who are watching their fps counters all the time and comparing these numbers to other games.
  3. I have 11. Last time I checked it was pretty grim!
  4. To be fair, while not perfect, combined with innovations on the steam VR side of things, I think DCS has come on massively since I started with VR about 4 years ago. For me now I have a relatively smooth experience, even in WW2 campaign missions, with none of the horrible frame drops which would send me to VR loading screens or horizon-al (new word!) stutters whenever I rolled/looped. It just feels smooth now. The new damage model is also incredible in VR. I mean I'm no expert on these things but are you sure, other than a major overhaul (Vulkan etc) of the engine itself, there is even m
  5. Agreed! It is incredible the amount of control and dexterity one can exert over it with practice. It's also a module where a precise (virpil) flight stick can make a huge difference.
  6. I only play in SP and I know that AI is being improved but the A8 is a death trap no matter which allied planes I try to take on. I could drop down from out of space (at least the last time I checked, maybe it's been improved now?) and attempt a boom and zoom on an I-16 and they would still catch me. I know AI is a complicated thing but surely this can be altered somehow as there is just no way those planes should be catching something with about 10 times their energy! It effectively makes flying the Anton SP not an option for me because unless I get them on my first run I'm toast. The 109 how
  7. Not me! My favorite helicopter module by far, and I love it!
  8. Depends. Most of the time if I love a module (spit, Gazelle etc)I like to know that I [i]can[/i] start the AC cold if I so wish. I like to have that power and especially when I was new to DCS it seemed like an essential part of the whole experience. But... I tend to forget the procedures if I don't play a particular module for a while or so, and after a while began to realize that I wasn't learning much. The thing is, if one is simply remembering a series of buttons to press, rather than actually learning and truly understanding what all the systems do, then I don't think you are rea
  9. I know, I'm not complaining and am grateful for your efforts. Just pointing it out in case you didn't know about it or else I was the only one experiencing this problem and it was an issue with my own rig or something.
  10. Well we have our own opinions then buddy. It's not a big thing I agree but it does kind of feel a bit broken sometimes especially if you've just crashed an AC and it continues to shake violently when you are not in a plane anymore. Sometimes makes me think the game or software will crash and actually I have had historical experience with this happening with big crashes which might be why I associate the feeling with something not working quite as it should. Regardless I prefer it in great battles when the feedback ends as soon as the game is stopped or paused. Maybe being pedantic I don't know
  11. Edit- yeah its definately a spitfire problem. Collective works fine in my helicopter. I've noticed too though that the SS software in DCS has a nasty habbit of continuing to work even when I have paused the game or gone into the menu and it will take a while to stop rumbling.
  12. No. I mean when I use the throttle (increase or decrease) I cannot feel any effects. I cannot feel the effects of the thrust increasing or decreasing when in an earlier version of DCS this wasn't the case. I can feel the engines, and guns and other things, but when I increase the throttle to max or pull it back down to idle nothing is happening, and it detracts from the feeling of flying a plane.
  13. Thanks. Any idea why the spitfire isn't working properly? The thrust seems to be dead, kinda breaks all immersion.
  14. Usually the release version but I also tried the beta to no avail. I think I will try a reinstallation.
  15. Anyone know is the P47/DCS is supported yet? I keep getting a kind of simshaker crash when I try to play it (says oops something went wrong). Any ideas? I also seem to be getting no effect from the thrust or afterburner with my spitfire (on 100) whereas things like guns work very well.
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