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  1. I got into DCS last summer and generally played only singleplayer with the occasional hop into the 104's server. I've recently come back to DCS after a hiatus of a few months and am working on getting reacquainted with 1.5 as well as refreshing all my skills/knowledge for the different modules I fly. I've started to really wish for a good group to fly coop and PvP missions with. I've been looking through this board and checking out various squadrons and the like for a while but they either seem to not be active or aren't really what I'm looking for. I'd like to find a group that: is adult
  2. Wow. Looks so much more natural to use for helos than a fixed wing throttle. I would mount the cyclic grip on a MSFF2 though , cheap, easy to do, and having force trim is just invaluable imo. Though you would have to sacrifice the long throw as the shaft would have to be much shorter so as to not overwhelm the FF motors. You might be able to make the throttle idle detent functional with some lua editing similar to this. (or maybe you could try DCS BIOS, though not sure if it works with non-Arduino MCUs)I wish DCS would implement a simple analogue axis mapping tool for detents for idle, afte
  3. Didn't know they were so rare. Fortunately it seems I should be able to get debolestis' old pots. Though I'm sure it would be possible to figure out some way to mount a different size pot by removed some of the mounting tabs or something. So how are the hall sensors working with the throttle? I think I remember seeing that either or both of you guys did that with yours. For the time being though, it works fine as a non-split throttle. Though the two handles wiggle a bit when they're locked together and I notice that the plastic devider is wiggling as well. Though I think it's mostly th
  4. If you're not seeing the + cursor you probably have clickable cockpit mode off. Look for the "Clickable Cockpit Mouse Mode On/Off" command in the General category for whatever modules you're using.
  5. Hands On Throttle And Stick And Vivisected Keyboard (good luck not bumping that trackball when you're trying to press every other button)
  6. Modifying someone else's head/face tracking profile will only cause you more hassle than making your own from scratch. People have their monitors at different heights, cameras at different angles, chairs at different heights/distances, clips at different positions on head, different ambient lighting, etc. etc. If you want a tutorial on how to set up your own profile, check out this . It's for TrackIR but all the same principles apply with any type of headtracking system as far as adjusting curves, smoothing, etc. Just ignore all the fancy TrackIR 3D view stuff (I actually prefer opentra
  7. I found that the problem was that the hat buttons weren't all the way pushed into the housing. Might not be a problem if you were able to unscrew it from the outside and keep the PCB (unlike me), but it did take a bit of force (and hot glue) to get it seated in there. I also sanded down the side wall of the button cap about half a cm so it isn't bumping up against the plastic wall as much. I like the concave hat though, helps prevent accidental bumping when using the throttle. I got my pots hooked up and everything running, unfortunately one of the slide pots was spiking terribly and I
  8. hey all, I've been working on a Suncom SFS USB conversion using a Teensy 2.0 and some modifications of gerryk's Arduino code. I totally rewired the buttons/pots and added new diodes (8x3 matrix) just for good measure and to be in a more sensible arrangement. (all right side switches are one column, hats are one column, and all left side buttons are a separate column) I replaced the left side pinkie switch as the original was broken on the one I bought. I also added another row line to the pinkie switch, which the original lacked, so it will function as 2 buttons. I finally managed
  9. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late response, Thanks a ton for your clarifications on the code, I have a better understanding of what's going on now. Now I've just gone back to basics though and am just trying to get the six push buttons to work. So, if it's indeed possible, I've attempted to modify the code for a 6x1 matrix. However, my results are the same as my previous attempts: I get no response at all in Windows joystick config from the throttle buttons, while the joystick buttons all still work. (should I be using something different to analyze the buttons? I don't unde
  10. First off, be warned I'm next to clueless when it comes to building electronic and programming. That said, the current project I'm attempting is a USB conversion (using a Teensy 2++) of a Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS stick and Mark II WCS throttle with the stick grip being mounted on a MS FF2. So only the buttons from the FLCS are being used, and they're read via the original shift registers and will be plugged into the same Teensy that the throttle button matrix and pot I have will be connected to. I've completed the first half of the project, the F-16 mounted on my FF2 and all the buttons
  11. I can also see issues with it in MP, but it would be a great idea to incorporate into SP campaigns. Wings over Flanders Fields gives each squadron an allotment of active and reserve aircraft and uses realistic repair times. Creates some great tension when you get damage or systems failure and have to gamble between saving your plane or your life. Of course there's no real dynamic campaigns in DCS, but adding this kind of feature into longer campaigns like say, Georgian Oil War, would encourage more cautious flying and make the campaign feel a lot more alive.
  12. My thoughts were that disarming weapons on takeoff/landing could prevent an accidental detonation during a fire, crash, or gear collapse. I'll have to do some testing to see if it makes a difference as well as if disarming weapons before jettison helps prevent accidental ground detonation.
  13. I was wondering about this, the flight timer and stopwatch don't seem to function at all. The left knob currently just seems to cycle between displaying 1, 2, or 3 white flags on the top face. The right knob doesn't seem to do anything though. I'd like to be able to use as many in cockpit tools as possible for navigation.
  14. Hm. Don't the Soviet IR missiles use either magnetic influence or imaging detonators similar to the AIM-9 though? Don't the pylon power switches ( RV27/28 ) enable the seeker heads and detonators? Pg. 43 refers to RV26 as the "IR/SARH missiles master arm power switch", I don't think it has anything to do with bombs. Maybe what constitutes "arming" is just semantics though. Under the warning on pg. 127 though it describes powering on RV25 - RV28 and CL73 so it seems like that's what the warning is referencing.
  15. So it seems like the manual gives some contradictory statements on the subject. According to pg. 127: "Warning: You must never arm the weapons while on the ground: this is a precautionary measure to ensure you won't activate the weapon by accidentally pressing a launch button or gun trigger, even knowing the weapons launch sequence is blocked while aircraft is on ground (ground lock is engaged by landing gear in extended position)." However the startup checklist on pg. 79/80 tells the pilot that weapons must be armed "prior the taxi procedure". Without doing further research, I wo
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