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  1. If I remember correctly, ED did do a survey of which aircraft would the community like. How about releasing the results? I don't know why this poll has been made a sticky since all the aircraft in it cannot be done to the DCS standard. One day I hope to see a sticky with POSSIBLE aircraft such as the early variants of the F-16, F-18, Mig-29, Su-27, AH-64 etc.......
  2. Does the Jedi mind trick work? You will make the Apache next!!:suspect:
  3. Ahhhh. You already know what it is don't you?
  4. No wonder Jack got away. The bad guys are using Saitek.:megalol: X-52 owners please note. It was a joke. :music_whistling:
  5. I can't wait to see your track. I'm sure your gonna kick yourself once it's been pointed out what your doing wrong. I have several times with the sim.
  6. Allo

    a-10c vs Ka-50

    Like helicopters better but flying A-10 because it's the new kid on the block. Just waiting and hoping for DCS Black Shark to become compatible and get upgraded to DCS A-10 standard. Options menu to include HDR, MSAA, TSSAA and bushes.
  7. I bought two of these and I was happy with it for about six months, then I started to have problems with it. The other X-52(my friends) developed problems too. I ended throwing mine away and I don't think my friend uses his anymore. Maybe the X-52 PRO is better but I definitely wouldn't recommend the non PRO version. I said I would never get another Saitek again. Now I have CH and am very happy.
  8. It is pretty bad in some parts but yeah, Australia is a big country and where I am is hot and dry. Your right. Only one end of the runway has a taxi way. The other end has nothing.:huh: I have trouble seeing the laser too. Will try again later.
  9. I had no problem with the traffic. I started taxiing when the transport passed me and the A-10's that landed afterwards took the exit before the one which I was taxiing on. I thought that was pretty cool and well done. The traffic added greatly to the mission and I hope to see more mission makers do this. I thought that arriving and departing aircraft are usually heading in the same direction because of wind. This also would stop any possibility of taxiing aircraft getting in each others way. I guess there was no wind? I'm still learning the whole JTAC procedure and am not to sure what to do
  10. 1: Set to TR. 2: Mode to MAN. 3: Dial in first frequency on preset #1, click load. 4: Dial in second frequency on preset #2, click load. 5: Once finished move mode to Preset. 6: Move preset number to talk on the frequency that you saved it to.
  11. I don't know how you found out about this but thanks for the info and link. Setting it up now.:thumbup:
  12. Thank you for the tips and the replay track. Much appriecated. I noticed you seems to hold level flight much better than me. When I trim for level flight, my plane doesn't seem as steady as yours. Even with one press of the trim(up or down)it pitches up or down too much for my liking. Wish there was a half trim button. Maybe my refueling airspeed is set up incorrectly. Maybe my joystick curves are set up wrong. Something I'll have to look into. Anyway..... Now that I have something to compare to and study, I'll keep practicing my refueling. Thanks brother.:thumbup:
  13. Ahhhhh. Your talking about on the runway.:megalol:
  14. Anyone got or can make a .trk file of them refueling? Hopefully one that has them refueling in one go till their tanks are full and they are asked to disconnect(If they do? I've never filled up to full before so I don't know.:music_whistling:) Thanks.
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