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  1. Landing gear usage while dogfighting is an exploit. Period. For the ones who like things as real as possible (note, the S in DCS is for Simulator), this is not acceptable. If you don't want to fly in a "realistic" way, you can always try Ace Combat: it is fun! :)
  2. VVS used an ARH to target a chechen insurgent leader using a satcom phone. I don’t see the reason of a more programable seeker head like the one installed in an 88C couldn’t be adapted for an environment that required so (heavy numbers of coastal batteries of Silkworms in the Iranian coast).
  3. Rivet counters and/or naysayers... “The scratch has 76 microns more of depth than it should, as designated and specified by the Council of Ministers resolution 82.837...” (Insert “ackchually” meme here) Keep up the good work OS! :)
  4. Lightning should be applied to cities and towns as well. I don't expect to have any of them up during a war!
  5. Track Attached. Bug - F14AI Not Launching in Cold Start.trk Thread should say "Starting Cold".
  6. I discovered while designing a mission that the Ticonderiga-class CG Class Missile Cruiser will not fire Tomahawks at a range over 250NM. Range should vary between 750NM and 1550NM depending on the verion. Track file has been attached. Tomahawk Range Bug.trk
  7. Same. Tried the mission twice and no trigger was activated.
  8. Tried direct, tried VPN. Thing is, the ping is randomly given. I may join and get 220, or 450. It's frustrating.
  9. Any ETA on increasing the Ping? I've been unable to join (unless I try for an hour until ping is settled) since the limit is 250.
  10. Hey Baltic, any news on the new version of the campaign? Still stuck in Birds of Prey here :(
  11. A 30 meters detonation with the S-75’s warhead should blow you out of the sky. Is the warhead the one who needs tuning.
  12. Would Blender be usable for creating DCS objects and units?
  13. +1 It would be amazing to operate in a highly saturated ECM environment. Specially interesting how IFF systems would become unrelaiable.
  14. Belsimtek has the (distinguished ) history of releasing modules from one day to the other, not falling into unaccomlished promises and high res stained seats. I’d cross my fingers for an end of the year release, provided ED gets a robust multicrew coding.
  15. You can actually set up AAV-7s to do that. Spawn them off shore and route them to the beach
  16. I tried to search a source on the Gammon and I couldn’t. It would bebamazing that the SAMs as well as specialized units (i.e. engineering) would get a bit of love.
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