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  1. Hello, I searched for this problem but only found an old one without an answer. When I making a mission in ME and then go flying with the F-16 using a TGP I have a problem. When in CCRP selecting the waypoint the TGP is direct slewed at the waypoint as a POI. But it is in the air! ( I assume at the altitude I selected in the ME) If a change the waypoint to 0 alt then it I see the ground. But this is not the way it should work. I imported the practice mission (the one in Las Vegas map practice LGB). The waypoints used are normal ones not at the ground level. In this mission it works. When I select the waypoints the POI is on the ground! I hope you understand the problem. Maybe someone knows whats wrong?
  2. Same problem here. After repair (because Syria maps didnt load the surface) it revert back to an old version. It wont update to the latest Beta. Not even with forced update by number.
  3. It worked! Thank you very much. I only need to set up everything. I think you know where to find te old keybindings? Hardware setup is not that much work. Thanks again!!
  4. Is this the right log? An dthe only thing I did was a repair. But Im not sure of that. dcs.log
  5. Hello, my first crash. I did a repair I removed shader an fxo I removed imagesShape folder But it still crashes when I start DCS up. I see the logo and logging in then a black screen. log file: # -------------- 20160625-204230 -------------- # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at ADC84458 00:00000000 00000000 00000000 0000:00000000 ADC84458 00EFF3F0 0000:00000000 ??1DX11Renderer@RenderAPI@@QEAA@XZ()+2788 ADC81FF8 00EFF420 0000:00000000 ??1DX11Renderer@RenderAPI@@QEAA@XZ()+328 BA4D2490 00EFF460 0000:00000000 ?build@PostEffectPipeline@PostEffects@@SAPEAV12@XZ()+2770 BA4D2712 00EFF4A0 0000:00000000 ?build@PostEffectPipeline@PostEffects@@SAPEAV12@XZ()+29F2 E21D52C8 00EFF500 0000:00000000 RtlActivateActivationContextUnsafeFast()+108 E221B2EA 00EFF610 0000:00000000 LdrShutdownProcess()+14A E221B17A 00EFF700 0000:00000000 RtlExitUserProcess()+DA E1824D8A 00EFF730 0000:00000000 ExitProcess()+A D5F429A7 00EFF7A0 0000:00000000 _initterm_e()+21B 93461740 00EFF7E0 0000:00000000 E1818102 00EFF810 0000:00000000 BaseThreadInitThunk()+22 E221C5B4 00EFF860 0000:00000000 RtlUserThreadStart()+34
  6. Bloatware can you explane for me? Sounds interesting
  7. Hello, When I play Falcon BMS or watch F16 onboard movies. I hear sounds like a sort of tjirping (is this a word?). Dcs dont have souds like that. Does anyone know where the sounds come from? Is it the RWR or the radar. Maybe the radio. I try to place a link to a video with the sounds I talk about.
  8. Hello I wanted to use my bonuspoints on the f14. So I didnt use the pre purchase option. I wanted this because the bonus points rules are going to change. So I wanted to spend them. But when I put the Tomcat in the basket I dont get the option to use the bonus points. The price stays at 79.95. Is this correct?
  9. Didn't work. Not even with Generic mod enabler It wont show in the ME. It did show in the game on de installation menu.
  10. Hello, I tried to install the mod. But they wont show up. I read this tread alot. I put it under Saved games/mod/tech I put the main folder under it. Dont work I put the VPC-Airfield Equipment 0.9.4 beta folder under it. Wont work I did the same thing someone did in this tread. But it wont work for me. I using Beta. Can some tell me again...where and how I use this mod. Thanks
  11. I saw the video. I dont know what I did wrong. I try it soon on my pc. Thanks for the reply!
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