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  1. OK then my startup must be too long. I'll look at doing a more abridged one. PS If you ever need an Australian accent for your campaigns let me know!
  2. On another note Chillng re this mission, how the hell do I get to Marshall in time? By the time I take off I need to fly at 360 to hit ToT!
  3. Can you let me know which missions I shouldn't change loudout on, as I do prefer to choose my own kit. I am up to M12 BTW. Great work mate.
  4. I want to assign joystick buttons to RWR volume up/down. Can anyone tell me how? It's not in options. Thanks.
  5. To do that I recommend Autohotkey.
  6. I just tried Night Hunt on Stable Same issue. First time I tried the mission I killed the BMP when requested, but did not eliminate the other targets in time (this time limit seemed very short but OK). The second time I killed the BMP when requested, but nothing progressed from there, even after I eliminated all other targets. I am going to edit the logbook rather than continue to waste time on a bugged mission.
  7. FYI I've read elsewhere reverting to 2.5.5 should make OPF playable. I havent got that far yet myself to confirm, but may be worth a shot for others.
  8. Thanks mate, I enjoyed it. Nice and simple with a bloody long taxi! Good Voice-overs. The PDF briefing was good too.
  9. Ranger, that would be awesome if you could find the time to get OPF working on the current version of DCS.
  10. I bought this campaign a few years ago and have never played it. However I am now learning the hog again and plan on playing OPF soon. Can someone confirm which version of DCS will run this campaign best so I can roll back / install a separate version of DCS for this campaign alone?
  11. Viper, did you ever find a fix for this? I ma just starting to learn the A10C and also notice that objects I insert into a map dont pop up till 10NM out.
  12. Yes it works with Virpil - I have the throttle. Thanks Avantar for making this software - solves my toggle switch problem!
  13. Hi BBQ, Are you still planning on updating the campaign when EDGE / DCS 2.0 is released? If so I will wait till then to play it.
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