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  1. Thanks Andre. I suppose if the only alternative is a new one, I might as well take the old one apart and look for broken wires and dead transducers. Anyone know of a source of replacement transducers?
  2. Andre, I have had my Gametrix Jet Seat going on three years and I just don't like flying without. However; now 5 five of the 8 transducers have stopped working. I have tried "tapping" on them lightly without effect. Do you have any suggestions on how to diagnose and repair? Is there any software reset in the controller? Thanks Alan
  3. Order #6268 just placed. The web site say expected dispatch is the week of May 17th.
  4. Home Fries, Any chance of you doing a profile for the new T45 community mod? Alamo
  5. I am seeing the same issues on my servers. One other problem, which I think maybe related, is that the RESUME ON functions often reverts to RESUME ON MANUAL even with the RESUME ON CLIENT set in the serverSetting.lua. The only way I have been able to change mission is to edit the [missionList] to have only one mission.
  6. Had the same issue. You need to deselect the wrist watch looking icon (HISTORICAL LIST OF UNITS) to the right of the tank symbol at the bottom of the mission editor screen or choose a more recent date for the mission. I can't remember the date after which the A10C-II becomes available in the HISTORICAL LIST OF UNITS.
  7. what version of CTS are you running? It is working properly for me in CTS 2.5 HF 2.
  8. That what I am doing. I have 3 servers running on one computer and manage them thru 2 separate accounts. Not a big issue, but I thought the 2 server per account restriction was a temporary measure the simplify troubleshooting in the early days when the dedicated server was introduced.
  9. Is the limit of 2 servers per account still in effect?
  10. Nealius, I had similar issues when we moved to a new house and changed ISPs. After moving none of my friends could see my servers. At my original location my router was behind a Comcast cable modem with all ports available to be exposed and for me to control. At the new location my router is behind the WIRELESS provider's router. I tried using the UPNP settings, but that didn't work. In order to expose my server to the internet, the ISP had to adjust some settings on their end. They basically set up a local IP address on the LAN side of their router to serve as a DMZ and had m
  11. You can do this from within DCS on the AUDIO OPTION PAGE. I have engine sounds going to my external speakers and cockpit communications going the VR Headset.
  12. I have the same keyboard and it works great with DCS. You can program any keyboard key to generate any key code, series of 3 key codes or a macro. The software is pretty "klunkie" and it doesn't readily recognize the difference between LEFT and RIGHT shifts, controls, alts and windows keys, but you can input the ASC codes using a macro.
  13. I did something similar for both my Virpil T50CM2 base with 200mm extension and my TM Warthog Base with 75mm extension. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make pictures rotate the right way, but you get the idea.
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