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  1. Hey all, sorry if missed this here somewhere, but I am having issues with the ATC, JTAC, etc. information not being written down on my notepad. I everything else is working correctly. What am I missing?
  2. Holy sheet, I am an idiot. I was still running version 1.4 or something, thinking that it auto updates at the start.... my bad dude! Thanks for the quick response!
  3. Hey all. Quick question.. when can we expect the F14 A to be working properly with simshaker for Aviators. I keep getting the error when I fly that beast...
  4. Yeah I actually have been talking to them. They fly the A tho, and I’m not too big of a fan of that one. I like al ze powa, lol.
  5. Hey there, I am looking for an F14B Squadron that flies around 8pm PST / 10pm central / 11pm EST.... I am flying in VR and want to start my online adventure with like minded individuals, ha. I have talked to a few "recruiters", but have yet to find a squadron that fits my time/availability etc. Thank you all!
  6. Hello K-51, what is the estimated delivery time at this point if I am put on the list? many thanks
  7. Hey guys. Does anybody have any advice in regards to a thicker face pad? I cant find a replacement one for the reverb pro and need a little more distance to my eyes for the sweetspot.
  8. Hello all, What I am now trying to figure out is why the TACAN Station isn't tuning to what I want - what does constructing message mean? 10:18:47 AM - Constructing message... 10:18:47 AM - TX5 | ICS: [ F-14 AI RIO ],[ ],[ ] TACAN Tune LAS (116X) [ ] [ ] 10:18:47 AM - Unspecified recipient called: using default unit for this category 10:18:47 AM - TX5 ICS: no tuned units. 10:18:47 AM - Have result, identified as command : TACAN Lima Alfa Sierra 10:18:47 AM - Captured sentence: tacan lima alfa sierra 10:18:47 AM - Recognized : 'tacan lima alfa sierra' 10:18:44 AM - TX5 |
  9. Hello all. I want to sell my Oculus Rift S. Comes with two controllers and removable VR headset headphones. Works like a charm. Bought it in april this year. I’m upgrading to a reverb. Shipping from Alabama, USA. Asking $300 (US ground shipping included)
  10. Just got my FSSB R3. Took only a few days to get here. Wow. What a great piece of art it is. Cant wait to try it in the Viper. Not sure what I should set the pitch and roll sensitivity in pounds. Default 4.33lb roll and 8.50lb pitch seems quite high.... What does the real viper have? Does anybody know?
  11. Yeah I saw they ship pretty quick. Will they send a shipping email confirmation etc?
  12. Pretty excited.... ordered mine last night. Lets see how long shipping to the US is....
  13. Are you guys running any curves, deadzone etc.on the fssb for the F16?
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