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  1. VR (Left Eye Only) Landing/Taxi Light Detached From Plane [All Planes] While in VR, rolling your head side to side (shoulder to shoulder) causes the landing/taxi lights to move separate from the airplane. I've tested this in Mig-21. Mig-15. A-10C, Mig-29G, and all have the same problem. I'm running an HTC Vive. NOTE: The right eye is normal (moving head does not move taxi light) Video: EDIT: This bug seems to affect ALL spotlights, including all aircraft as well as ground-vehicle borne spotlights.
  2. I'd like to add to this, as I posted the last bug report for taxi collisions. I did ten tests, and these are my findings: TASK: Launch into an airfield orbit: 1. 4 SU-25's (on runway for takeoff) 2. 4 Su-27's (from parking space) 3. 3 MiG-29A's (from ramp start) 4. A-50 Awacs NOTE: TEST 1 SETUP (DEFAULT/CONTROL TEST) WORKS IN DCS WORLD 1.2 --- TEST 1: Normal launch from Maykop airfield. Su-27's are closest to runway, followed by A-50, then MiG-29's: - RESULT: MiG-29A #2 becomes 'hung' on taxiway at corner and refuses to move, holding up Mig-29A #3 & A-50. - NOTES:
  3. Can confirm, takeoff and landing is reversed (040 for arrivals and departures) at Anapa instead of 220. Uncertain if this is the case at other airfields. I know Maykop and Sochi are still correct (for me).
  4. Hello, With this most recent update, changes to the AI behavior have caused collisions on the taxiway between AI pilots. This is a repeatable problem. Description: Playing MiG-15 module. MiG-15 was not started up, nor was ATC contacted in any way. AI only acts according to mission instruction & ATC commands. While holding short for takeoff, an AI controlled Su-27 is rear-ended by another AI Su-27 because it either does not stop in time, or thought its 'collision bubble' was much further away/smaller than it actually was. Another Su-27 collides with the first pair, followed b
  5. Seriously, is there any documentation on what exactly these changes were and how to use the ARK-5 as it's currently implemented?
  6. Thanks for the replies, guys. Looking forward to the update, whenever that may be.
  7. Hey guys, So I've found myself doing a lot of night flying in the Hawk thanks to SFC Tako's campaign, and it's sort of forced me to acknowledge that I'm having a really difficult time reading the center column gauges, specifically the ones with the 'glow' backlighting (see below). I'm wondering if the 'washed out' appearance of the gauges is true to real aircraft. I've seen old hardware that has similar backlighting which creates that (unintentionally) hazy look, but I would have thought that higher-contrast readouts would have been installed, especially when other gauges such as t
  8. The column wasn't that hard to find in reality, especially with the flares flying around under the clouds, my only issue was with the prompt which basically read "Find the forested ridgeline just beyond the Fallen Madonna and dive in", and because I was approaching from the south-ish from the base, I assumed it was on the far side (northish) of the mountain from me. I missed the earlier prompt that stated that the column was X distance South East (I think it said) from whatever. Also, the frame rate drop might have been due to my super far view distance setting. I can crank it back and retr
  9. Just finished the first mission and had a blast! It was just hard enough, in my opinion. Everything was very straight forward for the most part. The only trouble I had at first was locating the column of vehicles in the mountains, but obviously the inclement weather was making it difficult to begin with. Having to dive into the clouds, not knowing if a ridge was going to pop up right in front of you was a real butt-clencher. The very limited armament of the Hawk as it stands right now is a little frustrating, but you did a good job working with what you were given. Also, when the Huey's
  10. Unfortunate but understandable. Keep at it, fellas.
  11. I'd just like to quickly add that attempting to jettison the 'phantom' bombs does not release them, but does create a tremendous racket that doesn't stop until you land and remove or reset the weapons pylons.
  12. Good to know. And I can't wait to see the other functions implemented! Edit: I'm actually curious to know how the implementation of the radio system works. I assume that you have to coordinate the aircraft's systems with DCS's pre-existing radio communication framework, correct?
  13. Wow! This is some news!
  14. Will the Steam store receive the EFM upgrade for purchase when it is released? If not, because I have the SFM module on steam, will I be ineligible for the $10 upgrade from the VEAO store? Will it be compatible? Will I have to buy the entire module again? Edit: Never mind, just saw the other thread from 2014 (assuming those conditions still apply, but then, a lot of people seem to be getting angry after making assumptions, so). Upgrade should be available for those who purchased on steam, at the time of the EFM's release. Sounds good to me.
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