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  1. ACEL

    11 TSG Group Operation

    OPERATIONS [Saturday 2030Z] Operations are in the form of CAMPAIGNS or Single Missions, and should be considered primary events. The aim is to have a fixed time agreed by the Wing as a whole. Attendance should be considered mandatory, if the pilot has committed to the sortie.
  2. Hi, If you still looking for a group, check out http://www.11tsg.com. We have 2 active SQD (2 SQD - Naval and 3 SQD - Air Force)
  3. Bump! 2 SQN Summer Deployment started! If you are interested in Naval Aviation and story driven campaigns through the year, sign up and make your way to become a full member of 11TSG!
  4. Bump! Looking for dedicated Naval Pilots!
  5. Hello Bud Check out 11TSG - We are mainly flying (own made) campaign sorties. http://www.11tsg.com
  6. Hi, if you interested in story driven campaigns and RL procedure based trainings check out 11 TSG. http://www.11tsg.com
  7. - Bump - 2 x F-18 and 4 x F-14 slot open!
  8. 11 Tactical Strike Group - 2 SQN Jolly Rogers are looking for Naval pilots for the following air frames: - F/A-18C Hornet - F-14B To apply click Here For more information please visit our website: www.11tsg.com
  9. If you guys willing to learn and invest time and effort to a great group check out out 11TSG www.11tsg.com
  10. If you still searching check out 11TSG www.11tsg.com
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