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  1. Is it possible to have DCS in two separate for in two separate drives. I'm running out of space and on my C drive and have space on my D drive. I was wondering if I could download terrains on my D drive and leave the rest on the C drive.
  2. Wow can't wait. I just finished watching this this morning. This should get us ready for the Viper.
  3. Well. The free weekend is a success. I decided to buy the map and hornet now........You tricky son of a guns!!!
  4. Can anyone help with this. When I first started playing they were normal. Ive tried the repair 3 times but still like this.
  5. Game crashes every time I try to get in the mission editor. I have tried all the tricks. Renaming the save folder, hitting the repair, and I have downloaded the install 4 times already. Any help is appreciated. dcs.log-20180519-025308.zip
  6. Crashes every time I get in a cockpit. But when I just put AI in it doesn't crash. dcs.log-20180502-231957.zip
  7. Tried it, it didn't work. It was already checked. So I unchecked it and check it over and hit apply.
  8. Lol. You made me check my HDMI cable. Here is my log. I do have a 34" widescreen monitor. I got it working a month ago, but after a fresh install now I can't get pass the ME screen. dcs.log-20180422-120622.zip
  9. Please let me know if you got your problems fix. I'm having the same problems.
  10. I have done all the above. Ive had this card for 3 years now. I have ran the beta fine with no problem, but with this release version its giving me problems. I5 16 ram r200 4gb 250 ssd
  11. I can get to the home screen but when I choose my countries and hit ok the looks like it is thinking but then crashes and gives me a log. Been at this for 4 days now and I have tried everything. Any help will be good. My PC is up to date with 100GB left in my ssd. dcs.log-20180413-223945.zip
  12. Only problem I have with Tir is the wires. I have the 5 with the pro clip and the wire gets tangle with other wires. They should have come out with a wireless pro clip by now. If they do im jumping on it.
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