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  1. My thought exactly, 20 minutes ago It seems the cargo indicator has not been fixed yet. Any estimate on when it will be?
  2. What is the landing light "Vario" function and how do you use it?
  3. 700-knot Overhead Break and Landing in Beirut
  4. @Eaglewings Thanks! I remember when I was considering upgrading from my 3rd gen CPU and 1070. I could not find anything useful that could help me with the selection of new components. Got lots of advice at the time, but it wasn't backed by anything. Hopefully these videos will help more people to make more informed purchase decisions and make the most of their hardware in DCS.
  5. 461.72 @BitMasterWell, they did resurrect the 2060, so nothing surprises me anymore.
  6. I'm glad you've found the comparison useful! Unfortunately, I don't fly VR. Later this year, hopefully!
  7. Sure thing. You can find the miz here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AllysC_1x0nzjYBA_yrdX7zhcfRxKA?e=5U7uoR Good luck!
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