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  1. I couldn't get it to track a portable TACAN using 2.0 Beta 2.
  2. To confirm, the TACAN on the A-4 can only be used for the carrier and requires certain parameters to be met in the Mission Editor. The A-4 cannot use land based, portable or A2A TACAN.
  3. Jacks

    Community A-4E-C

    I wonder if in the efm the control moments vary with CofG and reduces stability as it moves aft.
  4. Jacks

    Community A-4E-C

    Could it be burning fuel from the left wing first?
  5. Jacks

    Community A-4E-C

    Are there any bombing charts for the A4 and any kneeboard versions. I find the one in the A4 guide to difficult to read.
  6. Jacks

    Community A-4E-C

    Do we need to delete the old inputs? I didn't and it works fine and shows the new controls such as left and right braking for axis controls.
  7. Jacks

    IRMAV and TPOD

    But when I do this, the designate mod turns to HUD and so when I press TDC to try and lock the seeker, the TPOD flicks to where the HUD was pointing. Is there no way to lock an IRMV seeker while TPOD is SOI and TPOD Des is selected?
  8. I am mainly playing in VR on the Syria Map. My specs are below. However, I seem to get stutters when looking to the side, at the ground and sometimes when looking ahead but my FPS counter is maintaining a solid 45FPS. I am forcing ASW and PD1.3 using Oculus Tray Tool. Textures are set to low to reduce VRAM. MSAA off. I have: HPET set off Game mode disabled No device hotplug enabled in Autoexec.cfg GameDVR is disabled I am using VR shaders Mod Running DCS off of an SSD Any ideas what is causing the stutters at 45FPS? Specs: 8700k @5GHz, 32GB DDR 3200MHz RAM, GTX1080, SSD.
  9. Can someone please recommend a stepper driver to use with an Arduino Nano to drive a X27.168 stepper motor and give smooth and accurate rotation? Jacks
  10. Thanks Kegetys! Is the update IC compliant?
  11. Well fingers crossed an EFM is possible as your mod will be as good as a paid module judging by the screenshots.
  12. Wow! In terms of athetics, this is the best mod I have seen and definitely up to 3rd party standard. The Meteor is a great choice since apart from working radios, you should be able to full model it and it's systems without the SDK. As much it is won't be very competitive, i would like to try it out against the Mig-15. Do you plan on SFM only or is a EFM in the pipeline (the MB339 has shown that a good EFM is possible without the SDK). Keep up the good work!
  13. Jacks


    I assume you cannot land on it as it will destroy your aircraft??
  14. Does this mod work with IC with the mod up to date version of OB?
  15. I am not too interested in a hotmic as my RIO will just hear my wife moaning at me. Hence two separate PTTs and the ability to have a selected radio channel and intercomm active at the same time would be useful for me and others I am sure.
  16. Is it possible to make the intercomm active at all times and have a separate PTT for the intercomm and radio so it is easy to talk to a crew member and on the radio? Also has anyone managed to get SRS working with the F-14?
  17. One day I to be as good a sim pilot as you.............
  18. is there any way to limit the aircraft to mil power with a keybinding or switch such as fingerlifts? I do not have a throttle with a detent but want to avoid using AB all the time.
  19. The mod makes a noticeable difference to FPS for me but also results in a weird rim around my view as shown in the attached image. I am not talking about the black rim as a I think that is the mod reduces the rendered area but rather the distorted image rim. When I remove the mod, the rim goes as shown in the second attachment. Anyone know how to rectify this problem? I have never had this issue with previous versions of the mod.
  20. You need to look at the replies to the comments.
  21. He got it from Facebook. There are also two external shots. As you can see from the cockpit pic, the gauges are not working and either not animated or not coded so dont expect it to be released this friday unless it a very old screenshot!!!
  22. Thanks but that doesn't really advance my knowledge. Do that mean in INS the TV is slaved to a designated target point. How about when IRMAVs are uncaged? When IRMAVs are uncaged and TPOD is on they follow where the TPOD is looking despite being in either IRMV or INS mode so what is the difference. Can you fire IRMAVs in INS mode and if so where will they hit?
  23. Could somebody please explain what it means when INS appears in the top left of the screen when using DMT/FLIR or when the IRMAV is uncaged?
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