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  1. I am having stuttering in VR with settings that don't create any problems any other map or plane. I think all map modules need to be roughly the same FPS at the same settings. People who would like to see better visuals can bump us their settings.
  2. F-16 has great flight model, but I couldn't help notice something.. When I roll and stop rolling quickly, the roll stops instantly. I think I would expect some (small) wobbling or settling before the flight controls can stop the roll. I understand that F-16 is fly by wire, but there is a physical limit to how well FBW can follow flight inputs (because mechanical parts take time to move, maximum forces are limited, control system is not perfect etc.)
  3. I also noticed a major improvement with 2.5.5. I don't get any stutter at all in GULF no matter where I am in the city, and which plane I fly with. And this is with the increased resolution of Rift S. If the VR improvements are not in, I wonder what they are going to be like..
  4. Here is my experience with Rift S: Clarity: Much better than Rift. I can now see high resolution details in textures in cockpit and outside. I can see far objects with much better definition. Red and Blue resolution indeed got a boost of x1.7 as I have predicted (mostly due to new subpixel config) Sweet spot: Having a IPD of 70 mm, there is a sweet spot for the headset on my face to give me perfect clarity for frontal vision. But the size of it is absolutely zero! If I move the headset 1 mm to the left or right, I loose it. This means that I have to constantly adjust the headset to have
  5. I don't know why people think Rift S is only a minor upgrade in resolution. Due to pentile subpixel configuration, Rift has 756 x 840 red, 1080 x 1200 green and 756 x 840 blue resolution (approximately). Rift S has 1280 x 1440 all red, green and blue. Unless you are looking at green scenery (trees etc.), with Rift S you will get x 1.7 improvement in resolution compared to Rift. What is nice is that this is only with a performance degradation equal to 1.2 pixel subsampling. I am not saying that Rift S is better than other HMD's out there, but it is day & night compared to Rift without sacr
  6. Thanks. I was going crazy trying to figure out why hands do not appear. + 1
  7. In VR mode, the camera position is too far leaning forward. When I re-center it back to where pilots resting head should be, mirrors become misaligned and only show the pilot.
  8. I have tried tilting my head left, right or forward. The view is blocked pretty well! My question is not really about how to solve this in the game, but why F-14 is designed this way... HSD is not important?
  9. Can somebody explain why the stick is right in front of the HSD and blocking the HSD view in normal trim? I thought this could be a bug, but then I noticed something similar in cockpit photos of real F-14's. To see the HSD I am having to pull the stick back and pull 5 G's :lol:
  10. I play in VR, and I did not notice any big problems with F14. I used to have such problems with modules before I switch to a high MHz (4.0) single-thread optimized CPU and a high end GPU (GeForce 1080 Ti).
  11. F14 has one of the most efficient mirror implementations (mirror is low FPS not to burden the sim). I love being able to use it in VR!
  12. I don't find the load time too long in my system, but there is a 5 seconds of black screen right before mission starts, which never happened to me with any other module. i7-8086 @ 4GHz 64 GB RAM Geforce 1080 TI PCI HD
  13. What helped me is when I used mouse only until mission starts. If I press a key on the keyboard before the mission starts (say Enter to skip mission screen, or Alt+Enter to maximize window), it goes into this "cannot click anything in the cockpit" mode. BTW, this is not a F14 problem.
  14. Thanks for the reply! I wonder if some kind of artificial disadvantage can be introduced to red if blue falls behind. Besides this, I have been really enjoying the campaign though. So thank you so much for creating such a high quality campaign.
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