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  1. Suggest me some good books! At the moment I’m reading K Millers Declaired Hostile. I’d like to read about french military aviation. Is there any books available?
  2. Whats the story about the boresight -button below the master arm switch? Whats its purpose? Ive read the manual, but am still confused. :(
  3. Hi all! Can you recommend me some aviation literature. So far I’ve read Pacos lions of the sky, Kevin Millers trilogy and Bio’s Topgun Days. I’d prefer french military aviation, but have no idea where to start looking. :/ Thank you all!
  4. Vino

    TO trim

    TO -warning light lightens up every time I’m on the ground. Before take off and after landing. And yes, I performs those tests...
  5. Vino

    TO trim

    Thaks jojo. Tried the trick, but that does not work for me... :(
  6. Vino

    TO trim

    M2000 complains about my TO trim. Is there a specific trim button, or how I know, how to trim the aircraft?
  7. I can not get cordinates for my computer, because the kneeboard wont change page. Any one else have same problem?
  8. Ok, thank you! :) I’ll give it a try.
  9. How is the new align system supposed to work? I wait 8,5 minutes, until system tells me everything is ok: 100 to 0,5. Then I turn the switch to NAV. FPM is fine, but now its impossible to drop bombs. Dropline is nowhere near where its supposed to be. Same thing with tacan: it´s hard to find carrier with no help. Before I was a good bomb dropper. What I am donig wrong? Please help...
  10. There is a switch in ´cats pit, that I don't know. Can you help me? Take a look at my screenshot. Thanks!
  11. Theres always one light illminating in pilots cockpit. ”Voice”. What does it stand for? Propably a silly question, but I couln’t find answer anywhere. :)
  12. Is there a key combo, that I can lock my new field of view? I know it exists but can not find it....
  13. Would you buy fictional planes?
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