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  1. Last night my MAV F would NOT slave to TGP target...
  2. P-47D-Elevator_Trim_not_working.logP-47D-Elevator_Trim_not_working.trk
  3. I have no aft trim at all... even though I can clearly see the pitch trim wheel moving, the aircraft still remains nose heavy.
  4. Instant Action Takeoff Caucasus On climbout, reduced rpm to 2500, MP 45" Trimming full nose up, 200kts, still needed heavy stick aft to keep from diving observed pitch trim wheel moving with application of aft trim to the stop, off the stop with fwd trim, then back again to full aft, no change in aircraft response. Still "nose heavy".
  5. Congrats and Welcome! Thanks so much for sharing the free-ware version, which I found excellent fun to fly. First day buy, for sure. Regards, Curveball #302 VFA-113 STINGERS
  6. Congratulations! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-09-25/ First day purchase! Thanks for the amazing free version. Regards, Curveball, #302 VFA-113 STINGERS
  7. I have the same issue time and time again, no shader or texture mods...
  8. *brake. sorry for OCD. Covid isolation made everyone crazy.
  9. I had the same thing during the "Aircraft Handling" tutorial. Turns out that the mission starts you in the air, but with the mixture lever about halfway back from "Mixture Lean".
  10. A-10C EM diagrams aren't classified? Hmmmm.
  11. And, Please. Get the model variant correct. There were never any SH-60Bs on carriers more than just for a few minutes. The Carrier Air Wing's helo squadrons were all HS, which flew the SH-60F and HH-60H. As a retired HS pilot, it's very annoying to see the wrong H-60 on the flight deck. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/sh-60f.htm https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/hh-60h.htm From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_SH-60_Seahawk#HH-60H SH-60F After the SH-60B entered service,[9] the Navy conducted a competiti
  12. I would pay for this. Jan Colmer took me up in one at the Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow, Nov 2010... He gave me controls, and I got to fly quite a few maneuvers. Then he demonstrated a "Lumpshvak" right over Johnson Beach. My eyes continued to twitch for about six hours afterward.
  13. I've got almost 6000 hrs in many different kinds of helos, over 3000 of which are Navy and Marine Corps' variants. I may have about 100 hours in DCS helos, but am willing to ramp that up for an opportunity to do some flight testing for you! Regards, Rodrigo "Curveball" Dill CDR USN(Ret) http://www.vfa-113.com
  14. Big, Thank You; I'm a dummy. The little dial on my X52's joystick had been twisted, putting the HOTAS in a different mode. I troubleshot and troubleshot, and only after over an hour did I see that LED telling me what a dork I have been. Works now, after pulling my head out. Regards, Curveball
  15. From the track, you'll see that I never undesignated, even though I repeatedly pressed "S" and "Insert" (my config), after having done a designation through the VVI with HUD as SOI. Track is too big;here's the link to it in my One Drive Folder: RocktheKhasabTest22032020.trk Regards, Curveball #302 VFA-113 Stingers RockTheKasahbTest22032020 - Copy.txt
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