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  1. Been flying the sabre a long time now and i like it. When it first came out it was horrible (for me) virtually no rudder, stalled very easily, hard to maintain energy, wrong guns (M2 instead of M3) lots of bugs and inaccuracies. But now its a delight to fly, great visability, good cockpit lay out and systems, fast, stable, long range, good (if not complete) range of bombs rockets etc. But the guns and sight really loose it down as 71st Rob says the projectiles are always below the sight line and dropping, the projectiles should intersect the sight line at the computed range, but they are al
  2. Yes what ART-J wrote. manual ranging to max on the throttle twist grip, then radar ranging will work.
  3. Hi Same problem here since 1.5.4 update 1. 1.5.4 gave a similar problem the camera seemed to move too far when looking up or down. But 1.5.4 ud1 camera moves too far then does a flip when looking up or down, left and right are fine. Anyone have any ideas how to fix? Many Thanks S!
  4. Hi Gav. I've never had any luck with the gun sight in F86, its always under leading targets, even from dead level 6 shots go low, really needs fixing. And the mech cage sight is miles off, sight is always pointing well above bullet stream.
  5. Yes the problem is the sight doesnt look/point down enough, the sight line is always above the projectiles. When using the mech cage 600ft i would expect to see the tracers pass through the center dot of the reticle (going up) fly some distance and then pass through it again (coming down) but the tracers are always below the sight line. Does anyone have the correct dimensions in the vertical for the distance between the center of the gun sight and the muzzles of the guns ? if so it would be easy to work all this out, either just bore sight, and or actual trajectories using a .50cal elevation
  6. Yes as the guns over heat (too quickly) the dispersion grows to insane levels and the velocity drops right off, this makes the gun sight totally usless even at very short ranges. As the sight isnt quite estimating lead correctly with a cool barrel its off by a huge amount with a hot barrel. The guns, ammo and sight in the F86 needs some serious work, to bring the gunnery up to realistic levels.
  7. Realism is what we should strive for. I dont want it tweaking a bit because i find it frustrating, i'd like the guns and cannon to perform as IRL . Infomation to support this level and speed of heating? and or dispersion?, non cooling? etc what ever the cause will not exist to support exactly what we see at present in the sim. Gun barrels do get hot, shot groups/dispersion can widen, barrel harmonics will change, but the net effects IRL will not be what we have at present in the sim. if they were every gun barrel IRL would be wrecked after a few bursts. Think its already been confirmed for th
  8. The heat effects are totally over done. The shot heat of 7.823Kj is the same for the P51's ANM2 .50"cal Brownings, the ANM3'S in the F86 (but these two would be similar since they use the same ammunition types) But its also the same for the Mig 15 for both the 23mm and the 37mm, seems very strange and incorrect. Also the barrel and body (receiver) mass for heat absorption is the same in game lua files for the Migs 23mm and 37mm cannons and the F86's ANM3 .50"cal guns. These all use 2.7 (kg) for the barrel and 14.3 (kg) for the body, these figures are IRL incorrect. P51 body and barrel weight
  9. I'm running the latest 1.5.3 and my knee board is still working ok. maybe your key inputs for turning the pages got messed up?
  10. Looking at the F86.lua file shows some strange figures. The ANM3 guns show barrel weight as 1.3 (KG?) way way too low and body (receiver?) weight as 0.7 (KG?) again way way too low, the total real gun weight is 61Lbs or 28KG approx, in game it weighs 2 KG? total. Could this be responsible for the crazy level of overheating/dispersion i'm seeing? If the barrels got this hot a stoppage would occur long before the barrel was shot out to produce this kind of dispersion. This change happened a couple of updates ago. The old numbers were barrel 2.7, body 14.3 .(Still way to light IRL if these nu
  11. For anyone struggling with the guns mode gyro sight providing correct lead. Now the rocket sight has a fully working gyro, set the sight to rocket mode and the depression angle to 8-10mils (easily set if using the knee board) and use this for air to air guns, just play with the depression angle to find the sweet spot for you. Works well and helps to show up the amount of inaccuracy in the guns mode sight gyro.
  12. Ok thanks. I was using as before and not having the arrow on the switch in game confused me. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Hi. I just updated to 1.5.3 update 2? and the control panel for the radio compass (sorry forgot the correct name) now has a bug. If i move the rotary switch to select a frequency band say 200-410, the dial jumps to 850. i can move the dial to the correct band by picking the different bands using the rotary switch, it just that the rotary isnt selecting the correct frequency band.
  14. Hi. Same here too. Turn the brightness to max and switch on the secondary element/filament (i forget what its called) theres a key binding for it and if you want to mouse click it, its behind the stick near the floor. will really help you to see the sight. Hope this helps.
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