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New damage model tests
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  1. Hi there Venom sf stuck outside a boat im running out of fuel.
  2. Hi any one know how to add more axes by editing lua for example a-10C II flood light
  3. hi there what should i destroy there is only a tanks no red circle
  4. Hi there end of march i will have few of them for sale for more info PM 3 x analogue axis; 3 x rotary encoder with push buttons; 10 x push button; 11 toggle switches (2 x safe guarded; 3 x ON-ON; 3 x ON-OFF-ON; 3 x MOM-OFF-MOM) more images https://ibb.co/album/SQfBGg
  5. Hi im trying to get Afghan Bear Trap - Su-25A to work but getting this error:
  6. Its seems to happen very often if you fire 2 maverick in ripple mode , explosion of first is destroying second. Maverick Bug mavbug.trk
  7. Hi is there any way to force JTAC to give 10 digit coordinates ??
  8. HI there i would like add key-binds CW/CCW or increase/decrease (default.lua ) for them two selectors so i could bind some encoders. Anyone know how to edit lua ??
  9. Can we have AAP steer select and page select knobs as keybind CW/CCW i have some encoders in my virpil throttle, which i would like to bind
  10. So i was trying to convert 1 mission to A-10C by simply changing an aircraft in ME but when is time to engage a enemies radio comms not working. You can answer by F10 but you don't get messages from friendlies any idea??
  11. i can see nothing all knobs maxed that's what i get
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