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  1. I seldom say this, but the programmers at Eagle Dynamics did a remarkable job with these two last updates (two if you are in Open Beta and one if you are in Alpha). Most of the bugs which were plaguing the game for a very, very long time were finally addressed and corrected (apparently). This is was one of those annoying bugs. Congratulations! Very good work. Thank You very much! For some reason though, it didn’t make into the Change Log list. But that is of lesser importance. One thing they list in the Change Log, concerning Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics, more precisely the Su-25T, was what they called the “Green blot”. I really don’t know how the HUD appears in real life Su-25Ts, but that “Green blot” to me added some realism. It didn’t cause that much problems, at least to me, perhaps because I used to dim the HUD when in low light conditions, until the “Green blot” disappeared. It worked perfectly and seemed very real. Nevertheless; good work!
  2. Yes, this problem is related with the chat function. And, of course, it doesn't happen in single player!!! It causes problems not only to the RADAR but to everything that depends on modifiers. You talk about other posts; could you provide the links, please?! Negative.
  3. Yes, yes, yes. It just needs some TLC. Just like the Su-25T got.
  4. This problem is still happening in version And it is really annoying because sometimes you can't see a thing behind.
  5. And another update was released and this bug is still pesking our flights.
  6. As to the track; I've noticed that the upload limit is ONLY 5 MB. Any Multiplayer track has easily more than that. What shoud I do then? A track file is just a Zip file with a different extension, so there is no point in compressing it.
  7. I am so sorry. I usually clean temporaries at the end of each week. Next time I will put the track aside and upload it.
  8. So it will work well with DCS for sure. They will both be buggy.
  9. Sometimes the vehicles burn and cast smoke in a strange way.
  10. I just tried it again, this time without even leaving the ground. I started the left engine and the right one spooled. Then I tried moving the antenna up and down and it didn't work. This control is tied to LCtrl and Hat Switch. I did it only to upload the log file and the track file you suggested. I doubt it will show up in there, but I don't have anything to lose. However, I couldn't upload the track file as it is WELLL OVER 5 MB, and there is no point in zipping because it is already a zip file with a diferent extension (TRK). dcs.log
  11. I tinkered with the chat window until the bug manifested itself, making sure to note all the keystrokes I inputed. I managed to land. When on the ground I tried to redo what I had been doing before, and, to my surprise, after a few experiments, the effect was undone. I am now able to reproduce the bug. You open the chat window - <TAB> - (UI Layer: Multiplayer chat - mode Allies); Then you select ALL - <CTRL+TAB> - (UI Layer: Multiplayer chat read/write all); After that you hide the chat - <CTRL+SHIFT+TAB> - (UI Layer: Chat show/hide); The bug happens. The controls on the stick which depend on a keyboard Modifier stop working. To undo the bug you proceed unhiding the chat window, opening it and finally closing it. For that you unhide the chat - <CTRL+SHIFT+TAB> - (UI Layer: Chat show/hide); Open the chat window - <TAB> - (UI Layer: Multiplayer chat - mode Allies); Close the chat window - <TAB> - (UI Layer: Multiplayer chat - mode Allies); I did all the steps using just the keyboard. The controls depend on each one's configuration. For me they are: TAB CTRL+TAB CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Then CTRL+SHIFT+TAB TAB TAB Could someone please warn EDiots about this and ask them to solve it? Thank you very much.
  12. Hi! No, I don't have VoiceAttack. I usually like to keep it simple and standard. And yes. A whole day without any problems, since I stopped using the chat window. I am now going to try to sistematicaly reproduce the bug by using the chat window in a more controlled situation. I should have some results in a couple of hours.
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