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  1. That was a strange thing I have also noticed - entire DCS folder/group from Start menu simply vanished (Start -> All Programs). Nowhere to be found. And it was in a custom subfolder of Start menu. Tried search functions and results were negative. So, repair was performed through command prompt!
  2. Yesterday I had an issue with a new DCS update (and I hope it will not be repeated) - update process started regurarly, but then I got a message that update is 50+ GB in size, and that available space on my dedicated SSD is 10 GB. So, update process would not continue. By trying solutions alternate to bying a new drive (which is absolutely not an option now), I have tried to perform repair which would also offer to delete all not-original files (and free up some, but not the needed 50 GB of space). Surely, there was nothing to delete, since all skins, cockpits, missions, etc. resid
  3. The most popular server at the moment. :)
  4. Hacking/intrusion attempts into personal PCs and networks are quite frequent.
  5. Yes, I would also expect that ED fixes it. I have been using Kaspersky products both at my home (personal edition) and at my work for almost 20 years (corporate edition). I have tried various other Antivirus/Anti-Malware/Firewall solutions during those years, but none came close to both efficiency and reliability of Kaspersky. Not only it is not a s.... software as you called it, but one of the best out there. But, let's set aside my personal experience. There are many reviews/comparisons by highly reputable sources to read. I have noticed that someone said that Malwarebytes (which is to
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention - it happens in current Openbeta
  7. When you turn on IFF Transponder power and then press IFF identification button (Ident), game freezes and crashes to desktop. Should be easily reproducible.
  8. Can confirm with S-24 rockets on Caucasus map. I can arm them, but the moment I switch weapon selector to them, the game freezes indefinitely. It happens with both or either fixed net or piper turned on.
  9. Since the latest Open Beta update, I am having serious problems with FFB when flying JF-17. Force feedback forces are quite erratic. During a turn sudden loss of feedback force is followed by a sudden increase of feedback force, intermittently. On landing, joystick becomes really stiff. Such sudden jerks and variable forces complicate flying JF-17 a great deal. The issue is present only with JF-17 after the last update. Edit: Mistakenly posted here. Please, move to appropriate section.
  10. From today. Persian Gulf map, Al Minhad AB. While playing with Combined Arms, I have noticed following: - Ranging targets behind (chickenwire) AB perimeter fence, returned range is to a fence; - Most, if not all, shells and missiles detonate on the fence; - You cannot drive a tank through a fence (although, if you ram it at high speed it catches fire... :huh: only to resume being intact). Basically, it acts as a thick concrete wall you can see through. On Caucasus map, recently, it took quite an effort to drive a tank through perimeter fence, but it is possible. On Persian Gulf map,
  11. I am trying to modify Ka-50 cockpit textures using description.lua generated by edmodelviewer2. However, which ever I texture I modify and implement through Customized cockpit option, Shkval stops working. There is no camera feed or indications/symbols on screen, just a reflection and a slight change of brightness when turning it on or off. Shkval works with default cockpit textures. Have tried using different individual textures, restarting the game each time, but the result is the same. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Rabb

    April Fools!

    Just saw it while in Caucasus. Totally surprised me, but was quick to make a couple of screenshots.
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