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  1. Hey guys In 25.12.2020 there is new feature on the changelog: "ME. Added ability to copy and paste Coordinate info via mouse position." How do I use it?
  2. Hey Gripes323 "Mk20's with burst set to 700" Is this functional already? I thought you have to set it to 1500ft because it's the only setting that is simulated.
  3. REL

    Disable FLOLS overlay

    @diveplane Can't find it
  4. Hey guys Is VR Keyboard can work on non vr system in any way? I want to use my tablet with this cool kneeboard in DCS. thanks
  5. @silverdevil Didn't thought of that ... reasonable ... I'll try and report back.
  6. Hi I'm looking for the best way to move dcs to a new drive and in my research I found that most people usually perform those steps: 1. Copy DCS folder to the new drive. 2. Update all DCS Shortcuts path. 3. Update the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta path key. I just wonder what am I missing / mistaking? Is there a way to use the official installer with conjunction of the existing files in the old drive? * (@ our moderators) didn't know where to publish this post so ... sorry if this in the wrong place
  7. My mistake! LCtrl+L is the binding for the circuit breaker of the launch bar not for the launch bar itself No bug hear beside a late night with DCS
  8. I saw this behavior only after the latest OB patch
  9. Hey The Launch bar extend binding for kaybord (LCtrl+L) and controllers doesn't work .. can anyone else confirm it? Thanks
  10. Hey guyss Can anyone explain what this new mission editor button "Combat" \ "All" do? Thanks
  11. REL

    Disable FLOLS overlay

    @ Drac - Thanks ... will give it a try @ ED (For the Wishlist) - Please add the option to turn it off without messing with the game files
  12. Hey Is there a way to turn off the FLOLS Overlay?
  13. Hey Can anyone explain what these shortcut keys do and when?
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