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  1. wasn't possible to jettison them on P47
  2. I'll try to get a step by step that might help you to have a better understanding and maybe to improve your way to fight. Hope this help Recognize the damage you do : First I would say that you destroyed the D9 in few hits but I don't think like most people you notice it. With your the second hits you show it seems you get - the coolant system (big whit puff of smoke - I hate this effect). - the oil system. With one of these system, engine will overheat in a few minutes (this will lead to engine failure). So you don't need to take riks in this case as it's already dead. Or if the pilot notice it, he can reduce power to not overheat (like the AI in video). And therefore, in few minutes, the plane would be slow and unable to make moves. So with 10 bullets, the D9 is dead to me. But read the rest first and you might understand a bit more why I think that now Know your weapons : P51 is equipped with 6x 12.7mm guns that use AP and API (+ tracers that are AP or API). - AP just make a hole - API make a hole too and might inginte something that is in the way. Goal of this kind of weapons setting is to send a bunch of bullet with the hope that 1 will hit critical stuff. Best shooter I had to see from various flight sim game stat (fighter vs fighter) seems to have about 10 - 15% of hits. So on 10 bullets, you get at best 1,5 hits if you are really good. In actual dogfight team vs team, I never see better stat than 15%. Only time I saw better was on target practice (about 60-70% for easy shoot) and on bomber intercept mission (up to 35% in this case). Taking your number (1800 shoot for 42 hits), we have 2,3% of hits. Now on those 10 to 15% bullet that hit the ennemy plane you have 2 possibility with every 12,7mm munition (and 7,7mm as it's the same idea) - The bullet goes trough the plane hitting nothing critical - The bullet hit something critical Remark it's not a 50/50 chance. If you hit nose of a warbird, you have good chance to hit something critical. But if you hit tail or wing, you have less chance to hit something critical (see later if you don't understand why). And in the case it hit something critical : - The bullet make damage that is not critical and plane will be totally fine after that (maybe because the bullet was so much slowed down by armor that it didn't make enough damage) - The bullet make damage that is critical but not directly (Ex : puncture coolant system) so the plane can fly fine but not for long. - The bullet make critical damage (ignite fire, destroy controls, ...) that make the plane destroyed or out of action directly. So if you shoot with 1x 12.7mm, you have not a lot of luck to destroy a plane : You really need to be a sniper or to have a lot of luck. But if you add more guns you have for 6x more chance to make the critical hits (in theory for each shoot Edit : mean each time the 6 guns fire). That's better. And that's why US plane carry lot of guns. The idea is to send lots of bullet hopping for the one that will break the other guy plane. Remark : The difference with 13, 20 and 30mm is that all of them use explosive munitions. And for those munition, when it hits the target, there is always damage as it won't just make a hole in the plane. Those munition explodes and damage all the stuff around. 30 mm have only explosive muntion. 13 and 20 have explosive and AP muntion. When hitting with AP, you have the same problem as the one I explain with the 12.7mm. If those munition pass few centimeter next to something critical. Then it does not make a lot of damage. Aiming and convergence : In your video, you are far from the 10 to 15% hits as you make random shoot. First thing that you need to do is to use your sight. And if you are not used to manipulate the gyro, use the fixed at least. To aim, you need to predict plane trajectory and to put the sight on it. Then estimate and make "try-correct" shoot to see if you have aimed too close in front or too far in front (bullet that pass behind or in front of the ennemy). Once you can estimate quite well, then you have to pay attention to convergences. You have 6 guns. 3 on left wing and 3 on right wing. Your guns are set to aim for a point in front of your plane at a particular distance (don't know exactly what it is in DCS but see other message above). If you shoot from too close, you might have half of your gun that don't actually shoot at the target (and in some case, you have even the 6 guns that are not aiming at target). Why ? Because if you center the plane in your sight and shoot. Bullet from left gun pass left of the target while bullet from right guns pass right of the target. When you shoot at correct distance, you have all 6 guns that are aiming to the plane. And in best case, all 6 guns that aim at the same part of the plane. And that's when it's devastating. Remark : German plane don't have this problem as all their guns are "nose mounted". K4 have all 3 guns in the nose. D9 and A8 have 2x 13mm in the nose and 2x 20mm that are so close of the nose that they don't need to take care of horizontal convergence when shooting. Only the external 20mm of the A8 need to take care of it. So German plane have a big advantage in firepower because of this as their guns will always hit in small area. And that's why the Spitfire is "less powerfull" too as when you shoot the 20mm without taking care of convergence, you can easily miss all your shoot or having half your gun that aim correctly. Know your ennemy : As I say previously, when you hit it's not a 50/50 chance to hit something critical. German warbirds and Spitfire have most of their system located in the nose and around the pilot. Each plane is different (109 and Spit have radiator on wing for example and Fw 190 don't). But you will increase a lot the chance to destroy a plane by shooting at the nose / cockpit area. Hitting the wings and the tail will less likely make critical damage. It can but it's less likely. Remark that it depend of the plane : Wing of the P51 have 2 big fuel tanks and for the 109 and the Spit there are the coolant that are underthe wing, close to the fuselage. But 190 would not get too much problem as they don't have any of these in their wing. In addition as the game don't pay attention to explosion of oxygen, muntions or fuel tank. So you can't blow up a plane. And as structural damage seems minimal and the effect of holes barrly affect the flight model, it's even harder to bring down a plane by damaging wings or control surfaces. Remark : Hole you see in a plane don't correspond to damage you made. It's only a skin or a 3D model that is put on the plane to depict taht there are damage in this area. So it's even harder to have a correct idea of the damage the plane have. It's even aggravated as it seems that older plane make appear bigger hole faster than more recent module. But it's only skin so it does not really matter. In addition to that, remember that plane are not a lot armored. But most of the armor is put to take damage from behind with not a lot of angle. So it make all kind of gun less efficient when hitting from 6 O'clock. - AP would have to go trought lot of layer and therefore slow down. - Explosive would detonate quite early (when or just after hitting the first layer). But less efficient don't mean not efficient. The Ai on top of that : Never forget that AI seems to handle better damage. Don't look like the AI is more strong. But it's like the AI pilot is able to manage better his plane to not make damage worse by making wrong input. In what I see in your video. As I said before, the D9 is destroyed quite early. But the AI reduce the power of the engine to limit the overheating. You can even see later in the fight that it does not fly fast anymore. It even have full flap extended to mainain in flight at slow speed. And that is the result of the hits I told you that kill it quite early. Example, me against human player : I did these video as peoples told it wasn't possible to fight with allied plane as german were too strong and over powered. It's almost all the action I got online 2 consecutive evening. All the shoot I did are in the video. I mean I didn't just selected the one that were good. I put all of them inside. Each time I add a slow view of each shoot were we can see impact or near miss. Take a seconds to look at where the hits appear when you can. And notice too that when I got the 109 with both coolant hits (2 white smokes from radiator), you will see a bit later the radiator full open as the plane can't cool anymore. At this point I knew it would be only a matter of minutes to bring it down as in this situation even with MW50, the 109 would not have been able to escape from my Spitfire. It's the last fight in video 1. I got banned at the end of video 2 by the people that were complaining the fact they allied weapons were underpowered. So they didn't like that I made video that show it was possible to fight with these plane. So no video 3 ^^ Another example, me and another pilot against 4 AI Fw 190A8 Hope this can help you and other. Use your sight. Work on your aim (to be able to shoot at what you want on the enemy plane) Remember about convergence And you will be able to destroy anything with much less bullet you needed. So as I said at begining you killed it quite early. Sadly, you spent almost all your ammo shooting around the D9. You made critical hit at first but then you made only few hit on part that are less likely to make critical damage. And finally, when you can make more hits because the D9 can't move anymore, you have only 2x 12.7mm left.
  3. The problem is that either - we need something that make near hits usefull because it's not actually. If it's not direct hit you have nothing. So yes, we need a more detailled damage model. - or we need bomb fuse so we can be more precise without suicide ourself. Like most game actually, a detailled damage model for vehicles in a flight simulation is a dream that we can hope to see in many years. So the only option that we can hope for is bomb fuses. We are waiting this since a large number of years. The point here is that update of the asset pack is pointless (for almost all ground asset) until fuses are updated. And for almost everything that was bring this years it's the same problem : "Great but we can't have lot of fun with it because ..."
  4. In any of these, I can't tell that they all get completely pointless, but in most case major part of the game can't allow to have fun with these. Just to take 2 examples : - The asset pack added ground object. But as we can't destroy/damage object except by making (almost) direct hit, it make pointless to have a new tank to put in our mission. (Direct hit wouldn't be a problem if we had at least fuses ...) - The channel update added area to have V1/V2 and other historical stuff ... But for most of them (or maybe all of them) no object were added in game. So great update but nothing to see on the map. To me it's more an Half update and I hope to see the next part. For almost anything you give in this list, there is at least 1 massive thing that make it pointless to buy or to get interested into what DCS WW2 had given this year. And this is sad because what you tell here are good stuff. But not the most important that should be made ... I know I'm not alone having the same feeling but I have no fun playing DCS WW2 for the moment. PVP, PVE, Bombing mission, ... I can finish the flight dead or alive but in most case I get no fun as most of time I have to deal with problems (visual, bugs, missing features, ...). Like a pilot told in my squadron, DCS WW2 is for the moment a great "Flight Simulator" game. Let's hope someday we will all able to see the Combat part of it. So I follow the forum and the discord. But I stop playing DCS for the moment (like lot of other people) ... Waiting to see the game to get basic stuff update or updated we wait since the first warbird was released ... Looking at the barrel under the wing of my Spitfire thinking : "That was really the most missed stuff in the game right now !" Best update would be : "We decided to communicate more and to add more people to the WW2 team !"
  5. I don't know a game that handle well the colilsion at the moment. You can either get fully destoryed or end up unharmed while the other go down or stay in flight like nothing happened. It's just luck or bad luck. But DCS seems to not fully work when it come to FM modification due to damage. Some plane can still fly really well with heavy damage or big part missing. Or either become unflyable after few damage. But as visual don't match the actual state of the plane in some (many?) case, it's hard to tell. I feel in many case too easy to fly a plane with big part missing. But compared to before the damage model, it's far better on this point. Moreover I don't know if anyone can confirm it's still the case. But I asked at the DM release if it would have influence on collision and the answer I get was no. The DM was only "gun damage related". So I imagine there is still much to do on this. But seems it can happen with every plane for the moment.
  6. Don't know but with last update it got worse again for me ^^
  7. All the screenshot in the video are taken by myself. So all of them come from the same computer with the same settings. And all series of pic depict about 5 seconds of flight. It's really a pop in and out. I can keep my eyes on them and see perfect black spot turning on and off when I move a bit my head with my track IR. But in some case, with multiple plane in formation (really close to each other), we were able to notice the exact same behavior (pop in and out of the same object) by moving head to similar direction. From what I have tested with other player until now, I can jus tell that lot of us have similar trouble even if some have new computer with last RTX 3090 or some have older hadware (like me with I7 8700K, 16Go Ram and RTX 2070 Super). About screen, we have player that have from 24" to 28" screen (maybe some that have even larger) that reported the problem too. I don't think here settings make a big difference because lot of stuff just pop in and out (plane, ballon, smoke effect, fire effect, far flak effect, ...). The only thing settings really help is when plane get closer. It seems that higher settings make the black spot over the 3D model disappear too far and then there is nothing on screen until the 3D get large enough to be seen. But about this, computer hardware and screen make really big difference for everyone. Changing from high to medium visibility distance reduce how far I can spot. But at least I have less trouble now. I don't know what could cause this type of problem exactly. But I think that even if hardware and settings are important, there is something in game that cause problem. In particular when dot just pop out then in when you slightly turn your head.
  8. Here it's not what you mean. It's not realism with color that change. it's just a bug when 60 plane goes disappearing for 1 pilot but not for the guy nexxt to him. I agree we should not see as far as some expect. But what I show here is clearly something that is broken in DCS. This is kind of trouble that might not be too problematic for modern game as you have HUD to help. But for WW2 it's game breaking problem.
  9. I think you miss the point. In your plane you don't see it because it's hard, BUT there is something to see. In DCS, depending on the settings and some other parameters, a element can totally disappear from the sky. At this point there is absolutly nothing on the screen. This can happen because of : - game settings (this vary between people because of hardware) - the direction you are looking. If you look directly on something it will be there. But if you turn a bit your head with the object still in the screen it can disappear too. - the sun reflexion making element more or less visible (that is great) but in some case make the dot totally disappear. To me DCS is quite great on the visual. But we need a fix for all the case the game make element disappear totally from the screen. Having trouble to spot something that is thin on screen is OK. Having trouble to spot something because it's not anymore on screen is not OK Ps : I talk about middle range only ! Object that are far are in most case visible but disappear when getting closer to finally appear again at really close range. I got a fix by lowering my settings. But it's sad to have to do that with a computer that can handle high settings. Now I have hard time to spot. But I have something to spot. EDIT : This might help you to understand part of the problem. Obviously, all 3 series of screenshot were taken quite fast to stay at the "same position". In this case, plane disappeared because I had only moved my head by few °
  10. From test we made in our team, we tried to modify graphic settings. For a lot of us, a real + for visibility is obtained by changing the visual distance to Medium. Medium allow to have a spot at "long distance". And when the spot disappear, the 3D model start to be visible. With Low settings, the visual is not good enough at long range. But with higher setting than Medium (=High, Extreme and Ultra), there is a gap at "medium" range. Dot disappear quite far but 3D model is not yet visible on screen. With Medium visibility distance, I can't see as far as with other option. It's hard to see. Visibility is hard. Depend a lot on the hardware of everyone. But there is at least no gap. there is always something to see. I get even better results with no MSAA or SSAA. Hope there will be something done for higher setting because my computer can handle them. But as there is nothing on screen it make the game unplayable. None of us use VR. So don't know about VR settings. Most of people that tried had screen from 24" to 28" Hope it can help some people.
  11. For K4, I have multiple skins and sometimes motivate myself to create more. But D9, with the old 3D + the lack of template, the result is not great.
  12. yes i'm glad to have this at least too. But F10 cover all screen and happen to make a big lag when loading in and out for some people. I think F10 map isn't realist too and a kneeboard size movable minimap would be the best way to simulate in a game because in reality, you can have the map partially open and you can look few second to it and then turn your head to not loose the horizon. The best way to simulate with 100% realism would be to have a real HD map to print (not a good solution as no WW2 is in a finished state). Or to have an Ipad (or = ) to have the map next to you. But for a computer game, developper must come with the idea everything should be doable inside the game. Not everyone want to buy or print to be able to play correctly. Just for the fun about the realism, I ask for this in private month ago and here is the answer I get : "Usually use widest kneeboard and mark my position. I think of it as I'm a good navigator and mark the map with a crayon." So yes it work but it make all the navigation fun out of the game. And it's even less realist.
  13. Maybe NS 430 do it but it's not what WW2 pilot are looking for : another module to pay to be able to play these plane. There is already too much to pay to have a limited and not great experience ... A knoeeboard size F10 map should be something that part of the free game but I'm more and more disapointed by what ED make for WW2. Like lot of feature, this might never happen and someday they will not understand why there is so few people flying WW2 on DCS ...
  14. YEs, I mean the max fine pitch you can put without destroying the engine (so max 2800 RPM)
  15. I agree the pitch increase automatically when you gain speed to keep RPM (power) constant. With constant speed proppeller like allies or german automatic system, the proppeller is set automatically to keep RPM constant. I don't point out a problem near extremum when the curb is high. I 100% with you that slight modification will not make lot of speed modification. I'm discussing about large modification, in particular when you try to go over the extremum.
  16. To replicate, ask a friend to come on a server, start the engine and then leave the server while engine run. Might work too if the frient just go to another slot. Happened yesterday with Fw 190A8 too.
  17. I agree max acceleration is achieved with maximum RPM. That's why we have fine pitch to take off and climb. But reaching max speed is not a question of acceleration. With a low acceleration, you can reach a high speed. It would just be non effective and take lot of time. But it's not about this I made this report. I think that the proppeller actually are not so bad for climb and acceleration in DCS (I won't say perfect because I've no idea about how each prop should react). But there is actually a difference on the acceleration and climb ability of the plane if you select different RPM. The problem to me is that a fixed pitch proppeller should be best effective for a particular speed. When under this speed, the plane should be able to reach it. If the pitch is a bit too high (let's not go to extreme), the plane should reach the max speed but it would accelerate to it slower (as said before). => This seems to be quite ok in DCS. But when above this speed, the proppeller should start to be less effective and then to slow the plane. This is why historical fixed pitch prop race plane were seaplane. They used high pitch proppeller to be able to go as fast as possible. But they needed long runway because they won't accelerate as fast as a low pitch proppeller plane. The thing here I'm looking for is that when at stable high speed with a manual german proppeller (= fixed pitch proppeller) and change the pitch, the plane don't seem to have any modification. When going from coarse to fine pitch manually, RPM increase but the speed of the plane is not modified. I don't see anything that tell that a plane with fine pitch can't reach high speed. The only thing seems to have influence on the plane max speed is throttle.
  18. This is exactly the same with all plane for the moment. It feel like damage to system is awesome. But no plane seem to suffer anything on their performances or structure. It seems like any plane can fight until either a part is missing or the engine get damaged. Damage effect on FM exist but are so small that have no impact on flight.
  19. 1) AI don't get damage like us. It seems a bit more complex that On / off. But it look a bit like that. 2) On all warbirds, holes have just predetermined position. So damage you actually see on the plane don't represent the actual level of damage. When you hit an area, you go from no damage to damage layer 1, then 2, then 3, ... This is the same for all plane at the moment. I hope ED will make some edit on this soon.
  20. A dedicated PR model would be awesome. This is a funny part of our mission on our actual campaign with Spitfire without any ammo that have to go in France to take "screenshot" to find target for next mission +1 for the request !
  21. I notice this on multiple server. As I fly only on WW2, I don't know if this happen for modern planes. At spawn, there is no problem. Plane are on the ground. But later in mission (might be short or long flight), when they come back on the ground, we can see other player plane that go either inside the ground or that land above the ground. Then, the plane slowly rise from the ground or drop to the ground as the game seems to notice something is wrong. This is only visual sync problem. Each pilot actually see himself on the ground. But when looking at other player, this happen. Tracks : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YvkCY99pdWGPDBwyJL9N_NyhFOGugCNq/view?usp=sharing
  22. Sometimes, the flames remain at the last location of an engine running plane. I do not have track to show as it was reported to me. Only this picture and the story that those stayed their until mission restart. Spitfire pilot had to take another plane but flames stay there. Then they go for their flight and more than 1hour later, the flames were still there.
  23. Hello, testing on the 109 and the 190 A8 that both have complete manual setting of their proppeler angles, I noted that in level flight from 2200 to 2800, the speed of the plane barrely get modified. From 2500 RPM to 2200 RPM setting (going high pitch), I don't notice real speed modification. From 2500 RPM to 2800 RPM setting (going to fine pitch) it's the same, the speed isn't modified. As I was in level flight with steady speed, 1) going to high pitch should have reduce a bit the traction force and then make my speed reduce slowly. 2) going to fine pitch should have make the propeller more "dragging than pushing", making the plane speed reduce quite obviously. I take 2500 RPM as a reference value. I considered it was the best RPM. Getting lower RPM would make 1) and getting higher RPM would make 2). But it's simple to understand that even if 2500 isn't the good reference value, we should see at least a speed difference beteween High and Fine pitch. The only thing I noted during few more test was that the blade pitch setting seems to have some effrect on the acceleration and deceleration speed. Mean that if I take a slow plane and try to reach high speed with high of fine pitch, I will reach the high speed but time to reach it is different. To increase / decrease speed, then the prop pitch seems useless. Only throttle control seems to have influence. I didn't tried on Spitfire and P51 as they use automatic pitch control based on manual RPM setting. I didn't tried yet with the P47. RPM A8.trk RPM 109 2.trk
  24. I didn't read a lot. I will later today. But P143 discuss the fuze setting. If I understand correctly, it's setted on the gun that modify the shell in it. But I read it fast. I will read it again this evening. https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/TM/PDFs/TME9-369A_Germ88.pdf
  25. timed down ? You mean by use of timer or other ? Because, if it's a time fuze, then it could be shoot at 3000 ft of the gun but horizontally. Except AAA is a bit cheating because it see and shoot trough tree, I feel it's able to shoot at every altitude. But when actually too close of the gun, it won't fire.
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