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  1. I didn't read a lot. I will later today. But P143 discuss the fuze setting. If I understand correctly, it's setted on the gun that modify the shell in it. But I read it fast. I will read it again this evening. https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/TM/PDFs/TME9-369A_Germ88.pdf
  2. timed down ? You mean by use of timer or other ? Because, if it's a time fuze, then it could be shoot at 3000 ft of the gun but horizontally. Except AAA is a bit cheating because it see and shoot trough tree, I feel it's able to shoot at every altitude. But when actually too close of the gun, it won't fire.
  3. I don't really like either the new effect. It feel too big during day and not correctly placed. I don't remember to have seen any warbirds with flames during day. Only at night and when it's quite dark.
  4. Don't know if it's 2.7 or my way to design mission. But I got it working. Start a mission at 6.15. Got to target at 6.30 => no shoot Turn over the area until 7.00 (heavy flak start to shoot and light AAA wake up if I turn up light / attack near them / pass extremely close to them). Fly until 7.30 and have the AAA almost completely woke up. I design the mission to have the AAA put to sleep when I'm out of area (AI off). Then AI on when I enter the area. So don't know if this make it work or if 2.7 have make some eddit on it. Still, it seems AAA wake up a bit lat
  5. Hello @NineLineI'll check. But it seems before 2.7 this was not a LOD bug but a reflexion bug. This was not only limited to Ballon but to plane either. Depending on the angle I was looking to them, some appeared and disapeared. This was really obvious with large B17 formation in some situation. I'll try to make some test when I have time. But I didn't try since 2.7 is out.
  6. Hello, Reporting here a weird behavior on our server. I created a mission for our actual campaign. The mission work well. But when loading it yesterday on our server, a lot of ground AI (flak and cars) were missing. and radar too was not working. Looking at tacview and on spectator, I notice the object were not working because they were not there ! But going back in editor, object are there. And today, laucing again the map, the mission started fine with the missing object from yesterday correcctly present. I don't know why it do this. It's I think the second time I g
  7. Hello ! DCS allow to create lot of nice skin to fly with. But size of these don't allow to add a lot of them in game. After lot of research ans with lot of help, I was able to put my compressed P51 skinpack ingame. So I have a file .zip that contain my skins that is read by game. The problem I notice is that the .zip can only be read in "Mods" folder or "Coremods" folder. But in "Bazar" or "Saved Games", the .zip is ignored. My resquest is to have the game that can read .zip in Bazar and Saved games too. Thanks.
  8. Manual give correct value to use with manual prop control not automatic. When using manual propeler, you can easily reach those value.
  9. With 130 mo per P47 skin, I don't want to have tons of them too. Or ask more ED to make a system to have multiple skins sharing same files instead of 1 skins per description.lua. I requested this before multiple times. Except by "modding" a bit, there is no way to do so. Here is the post where I resquest this for the last time. I think it's a bad idea as most people but not all people have good connection. You would kill your server by using skins. If you want to play DCS, it's not in 10 - 20 - 30 minutes after Gb of skins have been downloaded.
  10. If you can make 1 dowload link with 1 pack containing all skin you need, then it's quite possible to share this link on every platform linked to your server.
  11. I think we should just let ED make the decision about which skin should be added or not. This is not intended to be a "multiplayer / campaign / server oriented competition". It's just a skinning competition. So skin should be designed as winner only looking on their quality. If you want to use some skin that are not designated, you can simply add them into your game. And if you run a server or a mission, it's quite easy to make a skinpack to share with other player. That's what we do on our server. Work well for everyone.
  12. Link for my skin are added to my post (they were waiting approval). Good luck everyone.
  13. The skin above "True story" can be used with two generic variant : First Generic : 355FS 354FG "generic blue tail" Link : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315408/ ----------------------------------- (Forum merged the posts) Second Generic : 355FS 354FG "generic" Link : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315409/ ----------------------------------- (Forum merged the posts) Inspired a lot but fictionnal again : 2 generic variant for the same squadron. 313FS 50FG "generic big red" : Lin
  14. Inspired a lot but fictionnal : 355FS 354FG "TrueStory" Link : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315410/ Reworked template and reworked letters and number.
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