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New damage model tests
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  1. I agree. I hope this will be a functionnality coming with the Mossie
  2. You forgot about sign language ! Make fancy hand signal to any german pilot that come too close or behind
  3. No ! The only goal is to come as close as possible to see all those nice Pin Up ! Combat is only a pretext
  4. Hi, Yesterday I did a repair after getting damage in a fight. After I land the plane, I open the cockpit (canopy and door), and I start the repair. After the repair ended correctly, impossible to close either the door or the canopy. I tried to click, tu use keyboard and joystick control. Nothing worked. So I took a new plane. In this new plane, all worked normally.
  5. Hi, We noticed the following about this bug: For a long period of time I didn't have a lot this bug. I worked hard on one particular big map for a multiplayer campaign. And this map does not have clouds (or almost none). Flying on this map, if I got the bug, it's about 1 or 2 on 1 month. I can't even remember having it. But yesterday, I fly on another mission made by another pilot that use lot of clouds. And the bug appear again and again during the flight. After discussing it, we notice the difference between the map (both on Channel) : One have clou
  6. Against AI Fw 190A8 British 20 mm seems quite powerfull. If impact on the right area, the plane is destroyed in a second.
  7. Hi ! Don't worry about these, you already look at them and find the wing can actually break (I'm still surprised that it can survive so much, but I got a clear explanation). About fire, you find the fire effect appear big on small fuel leak. I didn't remember more. But it seems you told this was more an effect that does not correspond to damage. (But I don't remember a lot) I'll do 1 bug 1 post next
  8. Would be nice to have these but for all warbirds ^^
  9. Agree with you. But asked about this before. Answer was it's not finished but WIP. Can't wait to see when it will be finished !
  10. Some control won't be used much in flight. So you can use some button instead of axis. I just hope that ED will take a moment to tweak the speed of the control with button because for some on other plane, you can make precise input because it moves too fast.
  11. Maybe a slight flight model difference. I don't know. Seems the D30 is a D30 early that get upgraded to D40. So it's hard to say. I tought the main difference would be the D40 to be the first to have Hvar as standard armament making the D30 a variant that could carry only M10 when D40 could carry both. But it seems that some people had informations about D30 using Hvar. So as I totally don't know for these, I let other discuss about. But about M10 it's surprising.
  12. The schnellboat on my mission were placed long time ago. But I saw the bug after editing the mission and saving it. I think this appears after the update that bring few new functionality on ME such as the coalition modification. Before that I didn't notice anything weird (But I didn't look everyday since it was working correctly before).
  13. Bonjour à tous ! Joyeuses fêtes !!! Je passe pour vous avertir que nous allons lancer une première campagne de 10 missions sur DCS WW2. On prévoit cette campagne pour fin février. La liste des modules à prévoir est la suivantes : Channel + Asset Pack Au moins un appareil au choix parmis : Fw 190 A8 P-47D P-51D Bf 109K Spitfire (Les Bf 109K seront en nombre très limité et les Spitfire ne seront disponible que si il y a assez de Fw 190, de P51 et de P47). La campagne va s'orienter principalement autour du P47. On espère vous voir
  14. I use my double sent post to precise that all plane have particular ammo loadout. Ammo seems to be defined globally in game. Loadout is then generated for each guns of each plane independently. I never check, but I think we can consider that same guns have same ammo loadout from one plane to another. So HE loadout in MG 131 of Bf 109 is the same as HE loadout in MG 131 of Fw 190.
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