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  1. I'm sure that cooling the oil is what oil coolers do best, yes.
  2. Water also has a much higher specific heat, and its higher thermal conductivity than oil works both ways - both to absorb heat, and to release it into the atmosphere via radiator. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-liquids-d_1260.html So water both can absorb a huge quantity of heat more than oil, and it also can absorb it faster and release it faster into the environment than oil. This makes it far better of a thermal moderator than oil - which why inline engines can be far more efficient in terms of space and materials of the engine design itself than radials
  3. A3 or A5 is lighter than A8 and has similar power. But, the A8 fits Normandy better whereas the Spit IX is still the main British fighter for that time.
  4. Horizontal scissors is the technique you use to escape pursuers.
  5. With increased polygons and graphical updates, there is more computing load for the GPU...
  6. Only skin action? Might be more nimble / slower with meatball camo... :)
  7. Pitot heating light not working correctly. When repairing the aircraft, after repair, the CB switches are visually left on however the system counts them as being off. Some of the new bomb variations are also meaningless, might be good to include some manual on use or actual difference between bomb models.
  8. The pitot heat light is still not working correctly.
  9. Hi there. A8 electrical problems: 1. Landing gear indicator lights go off several minutes into the mission and do not return. Also pitot heat indicator. (already reported) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=254778 2. Unable to independently fire 13mm nose MG using gun power controls on right console, unless 20mm inboards are also powered. 3. Ground electric power works, whether or not you have the external power switch enabled.
  10. Hi there- I enjoyed the circuit breaker realism on the A8. It just needed a little fine tuning. Now it's gone! I noticed that several people complained and now since a patch or two ago, not only has the A8's circuit breaker stopped popping on landing gear retraction (positive G should make problems on gear retraction per manual), but also the landing gear lights no longer work consistently. Additionally, why can I use ground power when I don't have the external power switch enabled? Other questions: Are we going to have additional ordinance options besides
  11. Wrong. The Merlin P-51 was better than the 109G and 190A. Arguably better than the 190D. The Sherman was better than the MkIV and T34. The Garand was the best infantry weapon in common, widespread use in any army. The US artillery with "time on target" was the most devastating artillery branch in any service. Bradley was one of the best generals of the war. You just need to do more reading.
  12. I just attempted to max the speed in the Mirage at 45k alt. The aircraft reached mach 2.3 and continued to slowly accelerate... eventually, the left wing ripped off. No aerobatics were done, this was in level flight. My understanding is that the Mirage's maximum speed is mach 2.2. Is this a feature or a bug?
  13. Obviously, use the F-5E with uber sidewinders.
  14. It’s also downright annoying on a groundstrafing run, for instance.
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