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  1. Hi all, Did anyone encounter a problem where the launch bar keeps popping up when trying to launch after a carrier landing? Did not have this problem before, but maybe i'm overlooking something? Best regards B
  2. I got mine in less than a week, so i guess problems are over. Not terribly impressed though, maybe i should tweak the setup first. Installation went smooth, but the simshaker software gives quite some errors.
  3. Hey all, I've opened the base & the left grip to inspect the wires. None were visible damaged, i guess is the one with the 7 rainbow colored strands that caused the issue. I've disonnected it & pulled it along in both directions (base to grip & grip to base) and the buttons seem to be fine again :dunno: Could be helpfull to try for anyone else having this problem. Not sure what it did exactly though... Thx
  4. Hey randomTOTEN, thanks for the reply, any pointers how this can be fixed? Got no respnse from Thrustmaster.
  5. Hello, Did anyone ever have problems with their Warthog throttle's buttons? I have several hotas buttons that seems to be triggered just by moving the throttle. Eg speed brakes only extend & retract when moving all the way up, into afterburner. Same with the comms button. I don't know if i've explaining it right, as it renders the throttle buttons almost unusable... Best regards Badger
  6. Hi AstroEma, I'm using DCS updater utility & this allow you set to the download location to another disk, in my case a 1Tb HDD. Bit slower, but a lot cheaper in disk space. Keeps my SSD from filling up. good luck
  7. Yep, been running it during working hours from home on my Game PC GPU is happily folding along
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. I love flying the Hornet, but I'd like to learn a new plane as well. As this is quite an invenstment (time-wise), i'd rather study a more stable sim, instead of having systems that are not implemented yet. I guess i'll give the F-14 a try then :) B
  9. Hi all, I've been flying the Hornet for a year now & i've been thinking of switching to F-16 or F-14. Which one is more feature complete at the moment? Any thoughts on that? best regards B
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Not raising the launch bar did solve the problem. Cheers B
  11. I've attached a track file. I'm flying a SEAD mission in de DCE Battle Group Delta campaign. Departure is at 10:19, and that's where the cat is not firing. thx for the help No_shot.trk
  12. Hello, Is there any reason a catapult won't fire on the Stennis with & FA18? I've checked the following: - bar down, pressing U connects, with the jolt & all - tower gives clearance - wings down & locked - no warning lights - launch bar up, trim to 17 up - BDS up behind the plane - no brakes applied, parking brake off However when advancing throttle to afterburner nothing happens. I've done this quite a few times without problems, but now the cat won't launch. Best regards B
  13. Hi All, I've been playing this campaign & have noticed the following: - AWACS gives me a clean picture while there are enemy fighters near me - my wingmen fail to attack ships with the walleye Are these campaign related? best regards B
  14. That explains the problem Apparently i can move the saved games folder & keep the rest of the profile in de HDD. Campaign works perfectly now. thx for the quick reply
  15. DCS: Mission script error: : [string "C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\/~mis00007628.lua"]:179: attempt to index local 'logFile' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\/~mis00007928.lua"]:179: in function 'onEvent' [string "Scripts/World/EventHandlers.lua"]:13: in function <[string "Scripts/World/EventHandlers.lua"]:11> Did anyone find a solution to this error? I've tried all I could find (instructions in the first post + simlink). I'm running W10 on one SSD (C:\), installed DCS on another SSD (D:\) and my user profile with the saved games folder is on a diff. HHD (E:\) because of the amount of data it accumulates... The DCE seems to create temp files in de c:\users\xxxx\saved games folder... Thx
  16. Hi all I have dcs bios 10 up and running. Virtual cockpit connection is working and the Arduino on Com3 is also connected. However dcs is not responding to button presses. I've tried mapping the master caution button and the signal test without succes. When i connect the Arduino monitor to com3, it shows different characters with each button press, so i guess that is working too. Any ideas what could be wrong? Best regards
  17. Hey Skatezilla, thx for the great tool! After updating DCS updater using the auto update, it got quarantained by McAfee with this notification: Real Protect-ECID8B927AD1721 Just thought i'd let you know best regards
  18. Hi all, I've mapped sensor select in the hornet to the POV on the throttle. Sometimes it just stops working in flight. When i open controls in DCS & try to remap it, it looks like i'm pressing POV & button 8 or 9 at the same time. It happens with some other buttons as well. Any ideas how that could be possible? In Target (which i'm not using in game) & windows setup, everything seems to be fine...
  19. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used fresnel lenses to enlarge a cell phone screen for use in a DDI regards Badger
  20. Hey, I've noticed when running a cold & dark instant mission when i follow the procedure as described in Chucks guide i can't seem to get rid of the bit failures. I can't seem to remember having this problem a month ago when i last played DCS Hornet. Updated just yesterday to, but i could be mistaken. Included the BIT DDI page i get after completing the procedure. I've used FCS reset & the FCS Bit test. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated Badger
  21. Amazing What's the size of the installation going tot be? Verstuurd vanaf mijn Moto G (5) Plus met Tapatalk
  22. Black friday & my Oculus rift came along, total game changer thanks for all the info.
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