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  1. You can actually see the option in the wags video Right under (RWS in the thumbnail preview), when they first implemented ASPJ. But it never made it too our build.
  2. When selecting ACM/CRM mode options then selecting Standby on the FCR page, the radar is unable to exit standby mode. Can be reproduced, and effects all modes once selected for each mode, NAV, AA, MRM, Dogfight ect. Additionally Override OSB option no longer has any function. See track below: Thanks! F-16CJ FCR Standby Bug.trk
  3. Stay out of plain, you should be changing aspect every few seconds to trash the gun solution. And at the same time try to bring them in as close as possible to trash the WEZ for the fox 2. As a bug person. I can tell you a lot vipers I see try to just out radius me when they go into panic mode and it makes them predictable. Don't give them an easy time, create as many angle problems as possible. Use roll and pitch. And don't be afraid to dump energy to equalize things, when the situation calls for it. Better to end up low and slow but alive then fast and high but dead. Sometimes you may not be able to turn things around and go on the offense and in those cases it's best to try and extend away and recommit. Remember the viper is very fast and can get fast really quick and that is sometimes a valid option. In other words Don't make the determination to keep fighting unless you can in fact turn things around. So you should constantly be adding things up and evaluating where you are and what's gonna happen next. In many cases the longer the fight lasts the worse things get for the F-16 And never give up, even if it looks bad, don't just accept the situation. The bandit can and will make mistakes.
  4. Certainly shouldn't be able to take 13G excursions like you can in other modules and be fine. The Tomcat driver in this game is apparently an Olympian Astronaut. IMO G tolerance needs to be reworked for the whole game.
  5. Yeah I don't 100 percent trust these figures either, for sure, it was just a quick Google search. We also have charts for everything BUT the 402 hornet so I wouldn't be surprised at all if the actual static thrust figure is different as well. It was just surprising to me that MIG isn't firmly at the top of that list considering the seat of the pants feeling but it just goes to show the truth is always more complicated. It certainly feels like a rocket compared to the hornet and viper but clearly that's not the whole story
  6. Each ED employee should be issued a go pro camera and a shock ankle bracelet so we can make sure they aren’t waisting time working other projects, spending time with their families, or drinking to much coffee. I know the hornet is setting a new bar for simulation products in general and is the greatest representation of the jet available now and probably will be for the next 30 years, and there’s nothing like it on the market to even compare it too, except other ED products. But dammit that’s not good enough, work harder. Seriously though, it’s been a long road for the community can’t imagine what it’s been like for staff so hats off, if I could buy it again I would.
  7. If we use the gross weights listed on Wiki both MiG-29A and F-16CM Blk50 have: 1.11 T/W
  8. Empty T/Ws with AB F-15C - 1.69 X2 F100-PW-220 @ 47540lbs combined empty weight - 28000lbs F-16C BLK 50 no CFTs - 1.58 X1 F110-GE-129 @ 28984lbs empty weight - 18238lbs F/A-18C - 1.53 X2 F404-GE-402 @ 35400lbs combined empty weight - 23000lbs MiG-29A - 1.51 X2 RD-33 @ 36680lbs combined empty weight - 24251lbs Sources: wiki/F-16.net Take these with a grain of salt but it seems I was wrong the MiGs perceived performance advantage may have a lot more to do with lift then thrust. Very interesting. (F-15 though lol)
  9. I actually prefer 9.13 looks wise, she needs a few curves IMO.
  10. Well in any case it seems ED already made the determination because we have them for the 29A now.
  11. Can't imagine the new missile comes out and they DON'T port it too whatever they have in active service at the time. Maybe they don't have many at first but the modifications can't be that hard to give the jet the ability to carry it. Probably something that could be done at the squadron level. Same story with the R-77 they may not have had the weapon available but it was definitely intended for the 29S and they had provisioned for it from the get go.
  12. It's not that unless, you can fire and defend at the same time and that's a big deal because even though It has lower PK it helps you tick the range down and get up in people's faces where you have the advantages. If I can get someone into the WVR without being totally defensive I have a lot of confidence I can Finnish them off In the MiG. MiG-29S loadout is perfect for me, with 27ET/77/73 and center tank plus ECM I have pretty much every tool I need to win. More SA is always helpful. Not knowing what's going on is pretty much the only way to die in the MiG, you can out perform everyone else in most cases. The problem is you OFTEN don't know what's going on. The radar dosent tell you anything about contacts except range, bearing, and direction + IFF but only if you go STT, and This all assuming they're in range, not notching, too look down. Ect. Ect. And also your radar is actually on and your not emcon trying to sneak up on people with IRST which is the better tactic IMO if your going up against spamraamers. And RWR is basically useless, just let's you know that your about to die haha Apart from what we have now I just want to be able to ask AWACS what the contact is. In the hornet Link 16 or NCTR tells me, in the Viper and eagle you can figure it out with RWR nails, knowing what the target is allows me to set my game plan up early on. Right now I have to assume everyone is an F-15 and treat them that way until I know otherwise because that's the biggest threat they could be. If I knew they weren't at BVR I could put myself in much much better positions.
  13. In any case I'm happy we're getting something I just wish I didn't have to play the whole peak a boo, hide and seek game with f-15/16s in the MiG-29A and Su-27/33 When they added the J-11A and R-77s it was a game changer for me. The MiG-29S is pretty equal IMO if you know what your doing too. The biggest problem at the moment for me is trying to figure out what I'm shooting at. Big difference in tactics between F-15/18 but with the MiGs radar/RWR gear you can't tell. So I also want them to add that as an option for AWACS/GCI calls.
  14. haha agreed, well it would certainly make a big difference in game play value. A little more fuel and active missiles is literally all it needs IMO to be competitive.
  15. Yeah idk about this thread, for me when I'm cooking along at max AB I need almost full forward trim and some forward stick deflection just to keep it from going into orbit. Seems like it has the best T/W in the game from where I'm sitting. F-14A/B, 15, 16, 18, su-27/33, and mirage don't even come close, in the acceleration department. So if it is under performing I don't think it really matters all that much you still have power in spades. Doesn't seem underwhelming for me at all.
  16. Its too bad they can't do both the MiG-29S and 29A, I'm not holding my breath but in the past ED has initially choose a early version and during the research phase to keep expectations under control and then later, assuming they found more documentation, upgraded it to a more advanced version. They did that with both the F-16 and hornet. It would be nice to have the extra fuel, ECM, and at least some Fox3 capability. With a little practice you can make the current FC3 29S a pretty big threat against the teens. Sure Amraam is still flat out better then R-77 but just having a fox 3 and the ability to shoot and defend at the same time does let you at least play the game with them in BVR not too mention you have some trump cards that they don't have like T/ET. Combine that with GCI implementation and all of a sudden the shoes on the other foot.
  17. I don't think so, apparently we don't need evidence anymore. You can't prove to me that we can't rivet things to the jet.
  18. We need DCS rivet gun, then we can put anything we want on the jet. Run out of stations under the wings? no problem just put 10 more mavericks on the top Wanna sling load cows with an F-16 no problem just rivet the sling to the stabs and Boom. and they could have done all that if they needed too in wartime it's just not in the stores manual because they forgot and they don't even use those anyway. So it's realistic.
  19. Well nothing matters if war had broke out. Air battles in western Europe certainly wouldn't have mattered either if the all of the airbases, factories, supply chains, and personal responsible for the jet get annihilated 2 hours into the conflict. But yes exactly and it did have an effect there is no more Soviet union. Excessive defense spending which the MiG-29 is apart of lead to where we are today. Obviously the MiG and other large scale projects were unsustainable which is bad. You want to be able to keep paying for your weapons so that if you need them you have them. If you overextend your resources like that you run the risk of defeating yourself.
  20. Oh I think it sure does, the whole point of the 29 is low cost, and a numerical advantage. Number one it's not that low cost and number two the most expensive components, the engines need to be changed out about twice as much as it's rival the F-16 which only has a single engine. That means it takes 4 times as many engines to keep the MiGs readiness up compared to it's equivalent. Even if the engines are a lot cheaper then the PWs/GEs in the viper that's still critically higher in overall cost and resources. (Not too mention having to run two supply chains for them since the Su-27 uses a different powerplant. Compared to F-15/16 using the same one.) That's a pretty significant factor, and in mind there's no way that DOESN'T affect sortie generation. So while the MiG is certainly superior the the viper in just about everyway, it comes at a higher cost. Both out of the gate and in maintaining it. Now whether that higher cost is justified, I'm not making a statement on. That's more of a political question. I'm just straight comparing it too other aircraft at the time.
  21. It does look the part, and I would actually go ahead and say it is the best dogfighter.
  22. Yeah once again not talking about reliability from the pilot's point of view I'm talking about the service life of the engines. That is a logistics concern not a flight safety one.
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