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  1. If they had went with that approach in the hornet, the jet would only have like 5 weapons in the game. This is a big part of the USAF F-15E's mission set, It absolutely needs some attention. At the very least, they could add an Inert version for training. Just to acknowledge the fact that tactical nuclear weapons delivery is something aircrews do indeed train on and are expected to be able to perform if required. It is a part of the F-15E experience.
  2. The engine is very powerful. F-35As kinematics are better then F-16s in realistic situations. The engines true power has not been publicized, however pilot testimony and recorded maneuvers demonstrate that it's a lot more powerful then what people initially thought. Evidentially it's mind blowing. And the range on internal fuel is considerably better then all three of the legacy birds it's replacing?
  3. I don't agree that the USAF is admitting the F-35 is a failure by wanting to explore more cost effective solutions in 4++ I think force projections for potential adversaries for today were exaggerated when the JSF was in it's conceptual phase and the reality is F-35s high techology is not quite needed yet, and so it's not necessary to have the entire force 5th generation YET. So therefore US government does not need to dump money on it like it's going out of style. In other words the F-35 is so successful that they can relax and look at saving even more money. If poten
  4. I love these threads, you know the rack has three stations and fighter jets are like Legos so you can snap pieces together wherever you want. Lol The should allow you to do this in the game, but make the inboard bombs explode when they contact your aircraft and or rip your tanks off. Same thing with triple mavericks, allow it but have the inboard missile damage your stabs when it fires. That way we can simulate the effects of prohibited stores loading.
  5. That would have made much more sense, and another issue is trying to estimate costs for designs that are still in development with countries changing political situations affecting procurement figures at the same time, two situations that are often co-dependant. but that isn't an F-35 specific problem. Too me that's like trying to figure out what dinner is gonna cost before you get hungry and don't know how many people are actually going to be eating.
  6. Definitely, the A-10 mission requirements are completely different, and at odds with the F-35s intended roles. Speaking of airframes, I also feel like the media also often forgets that the F-35 is actually replacing three separate aircraft, each of which is pretty much the back bone, of it's respective branch of service. So Its no wonder the total program cost is high. Looking at it that way IMO is deceptively simplistic. If they were to design and procure three completely clean sheet 5th generation replacements for the hornet, viper, and harrier add the cost of all of those progra
  7. The media had lots of "concerns" about the F-16 program that turned out to be the result of ignorance and a general lack of understanding in the field of, then modern air warfare. Many at that time were suggesting that alternatives like the mirage F1 and viggen and what we today would say we're 3rd generation designs would be better decisions, and offer more value for money. No one today would say that either of those aircraft come close to F-16 performance or overall systems growth or effectiveness. Picking one of those other aircraft over the viper would have been like picking a
  8. It's quite far off, the F-15C is faster and can fly much higher. And it can stay in those states for a much more reasonable amount of time, with more missiles. It's stores, also are laid out better. Put bags, six missiles, and in the future an ECM pod on and the F-16 becomes something of a minivan. I will admit The F-16 is easier to fly and can still be max performed more or less by rookies. But just like the tomcat there's a huge difference with an experienced eagle driver at the controls. Someone that knows that jet really well can put themselves in situations where it's advanta
  9. This right here, I get the sense that a few people are disregarding the fact, that all the raw performance the F-15C offers, has a direct correlation to how far that missile goes and how deadly it is. Even the FC3 version with its slew of low fidelity, and simplified systems model is still THE biggest threat in the game right now. It almost can’t be touched, in realistic conditions, with someone at a high experience level behind the wheel.
  10. While I agree an 80s one would fit in with many of the current game assets better. The F-15C is not "another" AMRAAM truck it's THE AMRAAM truck. The current fighters that use the weapon in DCS can't match the F-15C in spear throwing. Not even close. Maybe the eurofighter will, but not the viper, and certainly not the bug.
  11. Well done ED! This is has been a long time coming, the hornet is an enormous milestone for DCS and flight sim as a whole. Thank you!
  12. Many of those "concerns" were also directly addressed by EDs FM engineer in the exact same threads, if you bother to read them.
  13. Harli, I think its the same for historically accurate liveries on the German WW2 birds. Its fine if someone puts its in the game, as long as ED didn't put it there. Because that someone is not under Russian law, and ED is not required to restrict that content.
  14. I can have wingmen too, but if you have to have at least 2v1 for the harrier to actually be a problem then its not really better then the hornet, is it? Even still if the odds are too far against me, then I can just plug in the burners and have a nice life. On the other hand 2v1 against the harrier is pretty much a dead harrier whether he likes it or not. But this is all assuming, of course, we're in silly world where dogfights actually happen. Otherwise 120s make this entire conversation moot.
  15. Energy is the most important thing if we're wanting to get behind for a low aspect shot. It has high ITR sure, maybe higher then the hornets down low, but that doesn't mean much if the fight lasts longer then a single turn. Because he cant keep doing that. And he can viff all he wants, if I'm far enough behind him (like you should be if you know basic BFM) it wont make a difference. He'll be outside the jet before I overshoot. No radar also means he only has SEAM, which means he needs to get way closer too boresight for heaters then me. I can slave lock. He's gotta pull that much
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