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  1. I have the HTC Vive, however, I do not have the "Vive Port" software installed, just steam VR. I'm wondering if I can do the same with the Vive Pro2?
  2. When will the Vive Pro 2's start shipping?
  3. oops, yep, and the application dyslexia ... ...
  4. The Vulkan website has a new home and look!
  5. It's kind of interesting that of all the possible applications to use with the VP2, DCS is the only application mentioned in the official specs. I wonder what is up with that?
  6. That may cause me to go for the Vive Pro 2, along with having to do a new system build to support it... HTC's Vive Pro 2 webpage link
  7. Some evenings I'm just too exhausted after work to climb into my virtual cockpit, however, I still like to relax to a little DCS World action by watching DCS World cinematic videos. Consequently, I created this YouTube Playlist. Thought I'd share it with you all. CAUTION: DO NOT initiate viewing of this playlist if you must report for early duty the next morning. (To view all 207 videos, you will have to watch from the YouTube site, a YouTube limitation...)
  8. Does anyone know if the VR > "MSAA Mask Size" setting is working properly in 2.7?
  9. Bumping, Is this mode still viable (2.5.6 or 2.7)? How does this mod compare to just turning Terrain Object Shadows to "off"? Anyone know?
  10. Could someone elaborate on this please? (2.7 OB update notes) Does this mean that user created modules such as the Community A-4E Project can no longer be installed? Surely I'm misunderstanding...
  11. Thanks for the reply @freehand , anyway, that's disappointing...
  12. No negative effect for the pilot, however, for the poor exhausted and weary mechanics, who'd now be working all night, again, that'd be a very different opinion...
  13. Quick question, will this mod eliminate the "shimmering" with MSAA turned OFF? The shimmering is really annoying and nauseating to me, so even on my dated system I run with MSAA on at 2X. If this mod will eliminate the DCS inherent shimmering with MSAA OFF, I'll maybe give it a try on my next DCS weekend.
  14. Surprised it's not already posted here in the Community News forum, so here it is.... (thanks to @Silver_Dragon for posting on his news topic)
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