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  1. Necro-Post, but may be useful to someone else... I use an X-65f too. I love this thing! I hate the Saitek software, but the hardware is solid! To add my $0.02, WAAAaaay back in 1994 when I got my first Thrustmaster HOTAS, I started developing my own "standard" or "Template" for control function placement. Since most sims/games will have at least SOME functions in common, and I was working with a single set of physical controls, I would map the specific "functions" available in any given sim or game to the same physical control whenever possible. For instance: In my stand
  2. Way-Back machine. I'm an "Old Guy". I've been running flight sims on the PC platform since 1991, and I bought my first HOTAS setup in 1994: A Thrust Master FLCS / WCS that I used so much that I had to replace the pots twice, along with springs and some of the switches. A little later I upgraded to the TM F-16FLCS and F-16 TQS, and again went through multiple sets of Pots. Those early Thrust Masters were built like a TANK, easy to program, and just plain WORKED. Not to mention there was community-created software (FOX-2) for programming available, and TM really supported their customer
  3. I realize this is a Necro-post, but I figured if I am looking for this info 8 months later, maybe others are too? I had the same problem as the OP when I installed the Huey Module (v1.2.16) earlier this month, so apparently whatever causes the initial problem still exists? I was also rather puzzled when the Huey's default skin for the training missions was a Civilian skin, and the default load-out for the "Weapons Employment" mission didn't include M-60's for the door-gunner positions. I edited the mission .miz file to fix the loadout and default skin issues, but I find that TrackI
  4. MemphisBelle: I'm a new DCS sim-pilot in the beginning stages of figuring out how to configure my controls (Saitek X-65F & Combat Rudder Pedals, Thrustmaster MFD Cougar, and Track-IR5) for DCS. I can program the X-65f very well, and the TM MFD controllers seem easy to program as well, but I'm having difficulty finding info specifically on the DCS control setup GUI beyond what is in the DCS World Manual and the "DCS World Input Controller Walkthrough". Since CHARLY_OWL has been kind enough to create aircraft guides that apparently also cover control config, I'll have to check out hi
  5. As a "new guy".. For an aircraft guide, I'd vote for the A-10C. For non-aircraft subjects, how about one on getting this tangled mess of controller hardware & software on, around, and under my desk-pit to play nice with each other in DCS world? I have been reading through the DCS Manuals, but there's a lot that is left unexplained. Hopefully there is a 'N00bs guide to controller config" here in the Forum gold mine somewhere.
  6. Get some? I GOT some! I'm a flight sim old-timer who just downloaded DCS World for the first time 3 weeks ago. I missed ED's Spring Sale by a month, and I had started learning how DCS works, getting my control rig configured for the SU-25T and learning the aircraft... ... And THEN the Summer sale hit. Apparently, the DCS bug needs less than 3 weeks to incubate, because I rolled the dice and bought FC3, BS2, A-10C, CA, and the SU-27 'Ultimate Argument" campaign, ALL FOR UNDER $100! Ya gotta love a deal like that.
  7. Hopefully you wont need it but, mwheeleer, I left a reply to your screen-shot post. Hopefully by now you have DCS World up and running, but if not, take a look at my post over there.
  8. Looks like 2 of your downloaded files are the wrong size? MWHEELER: I compared the files shown in your screencap to the files I downloaded about a week ago (same version of DCS World), and I noticed that 2 files you downloaded are MUCH smaller than the same files I used for a successful install. YOUR file named "DCS_World_1.2.16.38741.722-423-1.bin" is only 328.766KB (328.7MB), but my download of that file is a whole lot bigger: 1,950,352KB (1.95GB, about 6x larger than your file) AND: YOUR file named "DCS_World_1.2.16.38741.722-423-3.bin" is 246,979KB, where mine is 1,953,125.
  9. Check out the Maximum PC Magazine site. @MWHEELER: You might want to check out the Maximum PC Magazine site. I recommend their "Build a PC" section a lot (even to those who already know how to build a PC) due to the info they provide on choosing the right mix of components for your needs. Their "Best of the Best" list is good for checking out components at the high-end of the performance scale. I have built PC's for over 20 years, and I read every issue to keep up to speed. Over the last 10 years I have come to trust MAX-PC's recommendations due to their testing methodolog
  10. GIGABYTE GTX 970 4GB. Running stock speeds for now. :thumbup:
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