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  1. Oh, I too would love some more Have Glass skins in DCS... Here is one from Nellis for example, apparently flying as aggressor. and an article: https://theaviationist.com/2018/01/29/check-out-this-f-16c-from-nellis-air-force-bases-aggressor-squadron-wearing-the-have-glass-v-paint-scheme/
  2. Seriously, this shouldn't even be a Wishlist item and I don't know why it is... It should go as a bug report to ED... I agree with Panther who actually is former F-16 ground crew and I know has been giving input to ED on the DCS F-16. Why should I try spending my time to fix something on my end when my friend I fly a 2 ship of F-16s with has the same problem and if he gets spiked, he can't relay to me what is spiking him on RWR because he can't see the whole front azimuth quarter of the panel to give us any SA?? Conversely however, if I get spiked and I setup a snapview
  3. Dunno if it has been asked before, but I know we have the captive carry AIM-9s currently in DCS... Can we in the future get captive carry AIM-120s? They basically would just be a reskinned missile, maybe with a slightly different 3D model to remove the rocket motor at the back and in regards to cockpit systems functionality? I'm not sure, I guess it would be like cuing the AIM-120 up like normal except it would never leave your rail as it has no rocket motor nor warhead. I don't know if IRL in sim mode on the master arm switch it would just simply simulate symbiology or if it could only be use
  4. yeah, well I shouldn't even have to move my default head position... Why is the pilot not situated in the correct position in the first place (if that is the case) Not to mention that in VR I don't even think you can because it is defined by ED. Not to mention that Panther worked on F-16s, sat inside them regularly and even she says that the position is incorrect...
  5. It would be cool for those of us virtual pilots doing lots of flying using aggressor skins if we could have the so called "Gecko" pod on our DCS F-16s as maybe simply a cosmetic 3D object, similar to how the travel pods are basically... Since I'm sure adding any functionality to them representative to IRL would be not possible. At least could we have it as a 3d object to put under our centerline for when we fly out of Nellis on those Red Flag NTTR missions? Seen here on the centerline station: EDIT: Seems like it can also be mounted onto the wi
  6. I would love 64th AGRS "Lizard" skin to be added as a default DCS F-16 skin... Out of all the aggressor skins, its my favorite because the green color clashes with the others and really makes it stand out and be unique. I think it was intended to represent MiG-23. But to be honest, I'd love all the skins for the 64th AGRS... The newer painted jets like "Shark" that are already added are cool too, but so are the older workhorses that were colored to represent MiG-23s, MiG-29s, Su-27s, etc...
  7. I run into this problem too in VR when trying to ascertain RWR threats in front of me... I'm thinking too a pilot seating position problem or that position of the floodlamp because for the life of me I can't imagine real aircraft designers either accidentally or otherwise obscuring the entire front azimuth portion of the RWR from the pilot in their natural reclined seating position. Or for that matter, requiring the pilot to shift their body or their head in order to view the entirety of the RWR. But, yes experiencing this in VR too and it is a major annoyance...
  8. i’m really curious if this works in VR so far all you guys have only been talking about 2D
  9. For right now, I removed overclock and went to stock settings... Also, superposition free version only runs 1 loop which is what I did but I ran heaven for over 30+ minutes to 1 hour i'm getting mission exit / game exit crash only for now it seems
  10. not only can I spot planes in VR, I can also spot incoming SAMs at me
  11. I am having crash sometimes very often on mission quitting but now I experienced for the first time also crash on trying to quit from DCS main menu after successfully quitting a mission. dcs.log-20210530-083604.zip dcs.log
  12. think I solved by reducing my core clock, but right now have core clock at +100 Mhz and memory clock at +1,000 Mhz... Runs heaven, valley, and superposition all without crashing or artifacts and GPU temp rarely goes above 60 on my Asus Strix 1080 GTX OC card. Right now, I am only experiencing crashes in DCS when quitting game or exiting a mission so far since reducing core clock...
  13. here is my log from the last crash I had when pressing end mission, game crashed immediately with that blue window to send error report to ED. I was running DCS in VR dcs.log dcs.log-20210529-101340.zip EDIT: had another crash just now on mission quitting / exit... Seems like right now after tuning down my GPU overclock this is the only crash as of yet I am having in VR. dcs.log-20210529-104112.zip dcs.log
  14. I still get crashes without full screen mode
  15. I think I am experiencing this bug when I run DCS in VR, and especially once overclocking my GPU and trying to run DCS... I'm constantly getting same dx11backend error in the logs too. DX11BACKEND: DX device removed. Reason: 0x887A0006
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