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  1. Yeah, the AI is dumb as a bag of bricks, as is, that would just confuse them further. What would be nice would if they'd just follow your damned orders, like telling them to rejoin formation just doesn't work at the moment, they do their own stuff and then maybe rejoin, sick and tired of them flying to SAM engagement zones, while I'm telling them repeatedly to rejoin formation which would bring them out of it, all the while they're yelling SAM launched.... well it wouldn't be if they'd do as they're *expletive* told, when they're *expletive* told to do it.
  2. So we could set trigger zone, and have a condition where you would have AI (depending on coalition) simply refuse to fly through it, they will automatically go around it. It would be quite useful to stop AI from blundering into known SAM engagement zones for example when chasing other aircraft.
  3. I'm getting two AIM-9's come off the rails for a single fire command.
  4. Seeing this too with AI F/A-18's.
  5. Could we have the option of setting the direction of the active runway in low wind conditions please?
  6. Could we have a way of over-riding the player score system, so that mission builder can force particular events to provide a certain number of score points. So say I want to set some events up so that when they specifically occur, the player is awarded a specific number or points, or the number already set is changed to a specified score, either up or down.
  7. For example there's what looks like a power station to the east of Allepo, dropped 8 GBU-10's and even set up an explosion via the mission editor at max volume, then repeated the explosion 9 more times, and still nothing, plenty of things nearby killed, but not the buildings that are attached to the smoke stacks.
  8. It would be really useful to be able to create custom shaped trigger zones, with both a min and max altitude value, so it's a 3D space, not a 2D area. It would also be useful to have the ability to set a reference for a moving zone, what I mean is that if you make a moving zone at the moment based on a unit, it is centred on that unit, it would be good to be able to define the centre position of that zone in reference to that unit, like how when you tell a unit to follow another unit you can define X,Y and Z offsets for its position. So if I wanted a moving zone to be set say 5 miles behind an aircraft carrier, offset to starboard by 1 mile, and it has a centre at 10,000ft, and a lower limit of 2000ft, and an upper limit of 15,000ft, I can define all that in the mission editor, and the zone follows the carrier, around its route as the ship moves. It would also be quite useful to have all the unit types as triggers for moving zones, and have "group in/out of moving zone", "coalition in/out of moving zone", "missile in/out of moving zone", "bomb in/out of moving zone" and it would be good if we could also have a missile counter that remembers how many missiles of a particular type have entered a zone, even if some of them have been shot down or otherwise destroyed, so that a counter is reached even if there's never the limit in the zone at any one time.
  9. Things like the SCUD, Cruise missiles and antiship missiles, placeable as objects, like an aircraft.
  10. I'm not sure that would work, DCS may see the centre of that single object as the empty space between both halfs, and any missiles such as HARMS would hit that, rather than where the actual object is, and count as a miss.
  11. The one over serbia was a bit of a special case, the SAM commander set a trap for it, he knew when and were it was likely to be, so had his SAM lanuchers and radars set up to be in the optimal position to hit it, also there are claims that the radars used were modified, and stealth aircraft have to be designed with particular threat radars in mind, they're only stealthy in a narrow band of radio frequencies, if you modify a radar to work outside that then the stealth ability is deminished or even eliminated.
  12. If I set up say four silkworm launchers and a single silkworm radar, it only fires one launcher at a time, and will not fire the next one until either the current one in the air has either been shot down or has hit its target. Is this realistic, can the radar only support one missile at a time, or should the group be able to use all available missiles to attack in a salvo IRL? Is this an AI bug or an actual real limitation of the missile/radar.
  13. There must have been the intention at some point to have them as movable vehicles since you can assign them waypoints, and speeds, and tell them to be on or off road. If this does get moved to the wish list, then I'd like to add this, we need some vehicles that would be used to tow things like the radars that are not self propelled.
  14. I doubt that's the case it's probably more that it's doable but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list of things to do.
  15. Where doesn't seem to matter, just put them in any mission, I was using the Syria map, they just don't lower the missile tubes and drive. This mission file should test them, along with the SA-11 lanucher and radar and SA-6 launcher and radar, which do drive. So is it that they're just not coded to stow their tubes and radars, jacks and actually drive? SAM road test.miz
  16. DCS really needs this, especially for fighter type aircraft. Also non-english ones would be great.
  17. I have a convoy of these launchers that are retreating from a site where they had their radar vehicles destroyed, so they should be on a road, and driving, I can set this up as you would with any other convoy of vehicles, give them waypoints, and a speed etc. I was expecting to see the missile tubes in the stowed position and the vehicles rolling along the road. Instead they're acting like they're just a static object sat on the road.
  18. It seems that the AI likes to get quite close and fly quite high to make shots with missiles like the Hellfire, when there's clearly no LOS issue, the Hellfire has a max range of about 6 miles, but I've never seen them used at more than about 2 maybe 2.5, bringing the helicopter into range of AAA and short range AD that would otherwise be well out of range, also AI flying helicopters like the Longbow should be able to fire at more than one target at a time, they're also lacking stingers for self defence. That last thing I'm sure will be rectified with the apache module's release, but the AI perhaps not.
  19. Cool, glad to help bug hunt This is the "final" version of the mission, I've played through it long enough to see the "CH-53" SH-60 and a pair of AH-1W's get to the LZ, pick up the pilot and go to the ship. I'm making a campaign for the F-14, and this is supposed to be mission 6 of it, I'll probably release the whole thing in a couple of weeks F-14B SAR final.miz
  20. WP8 is fine, I fixed that in the full build. I just checked on wikipedia, I know not the most reliable source, according to that the CH-53 has a ferry range of 886 nm, but oddly claims the "combat" range is only 95, that seems an unreliable figure, that would entirely depend on the mission, eg cargo weight, for something doing SAR, it's basically empty other than crew and some gunners. Also according to wiki the SH-60 has a range of 495 nm, but it doesn't say what exactly that is. 95 just doesn't feel right at all if it can ferry nearly 10 times that far.
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