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  1. Activate the stations on the Weapons Control Panel (Have red boxes under the stations), this will allow you to move to other screens on the MPCD while the weapon is aligning.
  2. Anyone else see something different See if you notice something different now.... Left: Current OB Right: FB Video on NAVFLIR Boresight
  3. It's something to do with the GPWS when you are coming in to land. It thinks you're going to hit the ground. I can't remember if this happened before the last patch. So what I have been doing is just clicking ALT on the UFC and turning off the GPWS while landing.
  4. Was working on a mission and noticed that you can not place a C-130 at Bandar Abbas Intl since I'm guessing due to a parking spots size limit. Looking at google maps the northern ramp (F01-F26) actually has a C-130 parked there. Is it possible to update the size for at least F01-F26 to allow for a C-130 to be placed there? Thanks
  5. I did a search and haven't seen this asked for yet. Would it be possible to move the changing of the laser codes from the Radio menu to the kneeboard like the M2K and the F-5E have? Or at least list the laser codes that are currently inputted? I find that sometimes i misclick on the radio menu for the wrong number or pylon then have to load the DTC to find out that I have put in the codes incorrectly then do it all over again.
  6. Update from Razbam on why no updates.
  7. Yep that is the issue. Error was between keyboard and chair....
  8. Attaching the MP track, isn't long because a SAM got me because Countermeasures would not deploy. Tested in Single Player and Countermeasures work Dispenser On ALE-47 set to MAN 1 HOTAS setup for Chaff forward key bind and Flare Aft Key bind
  9. For the AWLS you'd need to go into the radio file for the Harrier(Zeus has posted on how to do this) and add in the ILS stations for the PG for the following airfields that have ILS: Al Maktoum Intl Al Minhad AB Dubai Intl Sharjah Intl Khasab Fujairah Intl Havadarya Bandar Abbas Intl Lar Airbase The Tarawa doesn't use ICLS, for poor weather landing you use TACAN and the ball on the back of the island.
  10. Did you properly align your aircraft first ? What is your texture setting ? AV-8B has a strange issue if your texture setting is on low, it won't render certain items on the HUD
  11. I"m not sure how much of the V/UHF radio actually works. In theory if you lost your UFD you could control the radios with it. But I don't think Razbam has done much work on it.
  12. The Wide or Narrow is for the LST mode on the DMT, it will either do a side search in it's FOV or a narrow Search or HUD staying within the hud to search for a laser emission.
  13. I ran a repair and it was fixed.
  14. Same here, looks like they are broken in this update.
  15. Make sure on the ACP that it's not set to safe. Change in the last update.
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