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  1. ED mouse moves on 2D plane, MSFS in 3D space. So ED cannot keep it in one place while you move your head around - they just do not know how "deep" it was. Personally, I am fine with it, because I like keeping my hands on HOTAS when flying in formation. I activate and click the mouse with Warthog mini stick and move it with my head.
  2. Hi, any news? F18 in CAS role in VR is still unusable. ((
  3. @FlappieHello. I too installed Channel Map during the free period and now cannot delete it because it is not in Installed Modules. Now it bugs me every time to buy the license. I could uninstall all the trial modules except this one. How do I remove it? Thanks! autoupdate_log.txt
  4. Actually, now and then I experience DCS quitting for no apparent reason (no crash dialog), with similar errors in its log: 2021-01-05 15:42:47.655 ERROR SOUND: bufferEvent has timed out. 2021-01-05 15:42:47.830 WARNING LOG: 1 duplicate message(s) skipped. 2021-01-05 15:42:47.830 ERROR SOUND: IAudioClient::GetCurrentPadding failed: 0x88890004 (AUDCLNT_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED) Other VR games are running smooth on my PC (Alyx, MSFS, Google Earth VR, etc). Is DCS too sensitive to some G2 hardware latency? Devs, please look into this!
  5. I went from CV1 to G2 and one thing that caused me grief was that I could not pause my game and take off the headset (to answer phone, doorbell etc) for longer than 5 minutes. As soon as SteamVR turns off HMD displays, DCS just quits! I see this in the end of the log file: 2021-01-04 15:07:58.612 ERROR SOUND: IAudioClient::GetCurrentPadding failed: 0x88890004 (AUDCLNT_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED) 2021-01-04 15:07:58.961 INFO SOUND: Opening default audio device. 2021-01-04 15:07:58.965 INFO SOUND: Driver reports 2 channels with mask 0x3 2021-01-04 15:07:58.965 INFO SOUND:
  6. DCS crashed just after I refueled. Despite assurances that it would resume from the tanker, it did not. I am not attempting again this 2.5 hour mission in VR unless this is fixed, because a 5-minute break results in G2 going to sleep and DCS just closing. Any way I can edit my log file to resume this mission from the tanker?
  7. Are you using beta version of "WMR for SteamVR"? I was getting this error with 'last known good' until I changed it to 'no beta'. Also check vrserver log for any clues (in steam/logs folder)
  8. Meant to say I did not downsample, left on Auto
  9. I implemented all the mods and registry hacks I could find and now happy flying at 45 fps with 100% auto SS, 2x MSAA, and cabin-only shadows. But I have a much older system! So the game engine is really really bad, and there is no incentive to upgrade hardware ((
  10. Any word from devs on allowing the inner values to be set < 1? I played with the tool but failed to make things any better. My G2 came calibrated with inner values at 0.9XX.. and I feel like I would want them even lower. I play with helmet IPD at max and DCS IPD at 45 for realistic worldscale, but see some parallax when looking around. I can't tell for sure if I my helmet can be calibrated better, but would like to test more.
  11. Curious why. How can one cheat by having custom shadows?
  12. Nice mod! Any chance to make it pass the IC?
  13. Did anyone think to just sand off the legs of the original faceplate? I know there are magnets inside, but maybe they can be pushed deeper somehow.
  14. Tried now, still not updating Edit: just a minute later, started! ))
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