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  1. It's now been almost a year since the stickied "Planned F-16C Systems and Payloads" was last updated. With the F18 now 'done' and work restarting on the F16 properly, is it time to share what the roadmap is for the F16 again? What functions are being worked on, which ones are further out. Is stuff like the Sniper pod still happening (afaict the signals are mixed), have other features been added or removed from the planning etc etc.
  2. And you are totally right, could have saved myself a thread but I see it's not even mentioned in the changelog when searching for it.
  3. Yes I know you are supposed to have them removed before starting, but once every now and then you forget especially after flying different aircraft. It feels insanely silly to sit there, immobile, with the ground crew completely ignoring you and forced to do a complete restart. Either allow it to be removed at any time or just automatically remove it when you start your engine. There's no point to keeping them on anyway.
  4. Per title, did it have similar features that the F18 has now? Like being able to ground designate, mark datalink contacts etc. Planned features mentions, "Integration of the JHMCS with the HARM Targeting System (HTS), Link 16, and AIFF" It seems to imply the same features + some extra. Does anyone know specifically what functionalities these will bring into the F16? Like for instance how the HTS links with the HMCS?
  5. Never knew you could make your own autostarts, does that pass integrity check?
  6. Thanks, would there be a difference in terms of ordnance? I vaguely recall reading that the Spanish did not use the super 530F? I guess not much has been said about what will actually be added in game for this plane either. If they are going full accurate with the Spanish version, or make a 'pretend' French variant as well with armament options.
  7. So what armament are we getting on this? Since they are Spanish versions, are we only getting what the Spanish used? How did they differ from the French ones?
  8. It seems like the Mavericks have to be warmed up when spawning in air with them? Every other AC seems to spawn with them they are ready to go. Makes testing them a pain as you have to wait a few minutes each time.
  9. Trackir makes use of F7 by default, and will override DCS' usage of it.
  10. Probably because this forum bloated to the point where even glancing at everything is a full day job. Have you seen how many sub forums and threads there are? At least on reddit you can easily see what's hot at any time.
  11. So with the A7 announced now by a different company, is Razbams version now just done? How does this even work? did you guys discuss with them and decided to let them have it, or does announcing it first means they get dibs?
  12. Maybe then it would be good to respond to some of the points in the post you agree with? What you guys are planning on changing in the near future?
  13. The game is constantly and seemingly randomly crashing for RIOs since the modules release, is there anything being done about this? Are you guys any closer to tracking down this issue? Its killing the enjoyment right now.
  14. Well, the big issue once again is that spotting heavily depends on how zoomed in you are. When full zoomed you can spot contacts at a fine distance, as soon as you zoom out they dissapear again. I'm unsure what's going on with this right now, the changes being made to visibility seem arbitrary. The system we had before where we could see too far was not touched for months and months, then suddenly we regress again to what we've had before even that? Was there some timetable on actual in depth changes for visibility? It was supposed to begin when the graphics engine was unified or
  15. Ah, thanks dude. Yeah I checked a bunch of recent bug threads but didn't see it, thought it wasn't released that long ago.
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