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  1. Same here, experienced a brief bluescreen (Reverb G2 on WMR) every 5-10s, repeating like clockwork. Doesn't seem to happen when using outside f10 view. Definitely doesn't happen on same instance/mission while using the f18. Unplayable. Only thing that changed for me was dcs update.
  2. If it doesn't solve the random disconnects and you are using AMD with X570, then welcome to the random usb disconnect AMD club. I have a TPR rudder that became a $600 paperweight because it wont work with this motherboard series.
  3. Good to know. I thought I had too many beers.
  4. Sorry for the long delay responding, real life got in the way. With the latest patch the 12Kt will freeze my system everytime when detonating. Tested on my MP server, different missions, and it slows down, freezes and eventually crashes. Regarding the sd-10s now even on the single inner pylons (3/5) it won't launch or show as ready. Everything else works fine. I used the latest mod version available on dcs user files. How do I get the track on a MP mission? After it crashes, more specifically.
  5. It's dazzling! I am not epileptic...yet. Thanks for confirming this is not something isolated, I haven't had time to go through the forums lately and the whole VR experience seems like well... a beta thing at best. Im getting sub 45fps with 3080 and 3700x.
  6. Since we are discussing how VR is abandoned... am I the only one almost getting seizures when the game is loading? With steamvr and G2 its a strobe fest on the loading screen.
  7. It's not only the jumping, they look horrible for me on VR. Blurry.
  8. v1.9 the SD10s on the wingtip are working again for me. Awesome, thanks! With the 12T nuke I can`t seem to hit anything. Tried on PP1 and TOT. At 85nm and 60nm it fell short 10+nm (no detonation). At 45nm if flew overhead. Any tips?
  9. Can anyone confirm this is still working on 2.7? I can`t seem to launch SD-10s on the wingtips and had a trouble getting some weapons RDY (could be user error).
  10. 5 crashes on MP after updating to 2.7 and the clouds look blurry and even on super. Performance has not changed noticeably and it is still abysmal on a 3080. Not happy.
  11. I had tons of fun with the M2000 when it came out. Baltic Dragon campaigns are the finest and most immersive ones I ever played. That being said after the latest upgrades it became unplayable for me. The controls changed and are incredibly clunky and unintuitive, rwr, radar and other systems became certainly more faithful to the real thing, but I never got around how they work. For me it lost the fun factor as it is quite maddening when I have to go through a sequence of buttons on an unreadable cockpit to try and release a bomb or use the guns. It is also very lacking compared to newer addons (f18, 16 and jf17). I would strongly advise against it, sadly.
  12. My play sessions are 3 hrs avg and I always have some juice to spare, with some 1-2 more hours between menu, mission editor, windows etc. If you config your usb to deliver power when pc is off then you can always make sure it will be 100%, except when you forget it on or block the light sensor :megalol:
  13. If you use an aftermarket with a separate ac adapter yes. If not, just usbc, then it slowly drains. how slow? I find if at 100 it will work for a whole day on dcs (+6hrs). The issue is only when the darn thing turns on by itself (light sensor triggered) and discharges. Several times I had to wait 15-20 min to give it some juice and then play for 1.5 hrs. Now I installed a magnetic adapter and use a sepparate usbc ac/dc cable to keep it 100% when my pc is off.
  14. 1) Improved UI with better copy/paste and selection of multiple units. 2) Mixed A/C groups. 3) More dynamic weather, ideally with options to change into a certain weather after X minutes or via trigger. 4) 3d viewer in editor. 5) Better “explosion” trigger (current 1000 limit doesn’t seem to do much damage if I want to cover an entire aerodrome).
  15. Yeah, cockpit quality looks good for me, although sometimes the text next to some switches get blurry (unreadable) on VR. Im almost positive its something on my end though.p, and it doesn’t happen often. INS upgrade is welcomed. Thanks!
  16. It may be my imagination, but going from 16GB to 32 I noticed significant improvements and zero crashes or freezes (finger crossed) on multiplayer during heavy missions. It’s about time to get some real performance optimizations, the last patches seems to have made things worse.
  17. Hi. It takes some tweaking to get a decent performance. How decent? With a cou running at 2.6GHz like you seem to have and a 1070 I wouldnt be too optimistic. But try this guide and focus on reducing shadows (or even disabling them) and msaa, spend whatever is left on super sampling via OTT. Also try out the shadder mod and look in the forums how to disable xbox game bar stuff. Unfortunately the game is poorly optimized, it has been for half a decade and, even with high end systems it rarely gets a stable 90 fps on all conditions (with 1080ti and 3700x I aim for 45 fps). Good luck!
  18. Since the last small update (third after v19), motion on my link is way too sensitive. I mean, my view is shaking like crazy and using zoom gives me a headache. No, I don’t have Parkinsons before it is asked. I am using ASW and keep a constant 36fps. I am suspecting my usb port but don’t know how to test it besides the standard oculus test (result was 1.7 Gbps). Any tips on how to smooth head motion tracking on Quest?
  19. That would explain why sometimes I end up doing my approaches 5 miles away from the runway lol.
  20. Yes, you are correct. Took me a while to figure that out. Now my pilot is no longer getting hypoxic lol. Can’t wait to have a full manual for this thing, there’s a lot Im not sure Im doing correctly and stuff I have no idea hoe it works (e.g, css handle and how to eject just canopy).
  21. I used them and found pretty useful if you can get them fixed like others mentioned. However, after having PointCtrl I sold both unites along eith my lilliput screens and never looked back. PointCtrl is amazing on VR, really the best “hand track” solution right now. Sadly I did not test mfd+PointCtrl, but if you have a setup like the one posted, I think it would be even better!
  22. Another vote for PointCtrl, it works great! Also have 6 additional aux buttons attached to it and positioned on my Quest, use them to trigger nvg/nvg brightness, jettison etc.
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