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  1. Thanks Reflected. I appreciate the majority of these issues are DCS bugs and not campaign related. It's no problem, I just edited my logbook.lua file to pass the mission.
  2. I am currently re-flying this campaign and just finished mission 4. I experienced the same this as the above post - ignored by bandit, no radar calls. For whatever reason I also failed the mission??? I took off, followed the flight plan and then landed without issue, so I'm not sure why I failed it.
  3. See post above. High RPM and low MP isn't good for radial engines. Most likely your prop was windmilling during your spin and this caused the engine bearing failure.
  4. How did it fail at 20,000? Were you in a dive?
  5. Bumping this as it seems it was overlooked in the latest hotfix.
  6. I'll upload something when I get home.
  7. Yes. I went through my normal startup procedure. For what it's worth, I have only experienced this issue in the P-47-30bl1. Not sure if that would make a difference or not.
  8. Hi Last time I flew the P-47 I experienced RPM fluctuations right from startup for the entirety of my flight. I set my MP to give 900rpm on warm up, and noticed that the rpm would drop to around 6-700rpm before rising again to 900rpm? Even during cruise I was experiencing the same 2-300rpm fluctuation. Any ideas?
  9. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to explain this. Makes learning the Jug all that much easier.
  10. Would love to see some RAAF Mossie skins!
  11. Thanks guys, Since this post I have indeed invested in rudder pedals
  12. Absolutely. The RAAF flew P-40's extensively against the Japanese throughout New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.
  13. This is a great idea. 4 aircraft and a map that will now cover most of the western front. Balancing the plane set is probably the biggest thing for me. Hopefully ED takes note.
  14. This map would also suit the P-40... If we ever get one...
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