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  1. Once your hooked up in tension is there a way to abort takeoff and release aircraft from the catapult I have not found a solution except leaving the game and re spawning
  2. Thanks that works for me , much appreciated :thumbup: My question to choose one or the other would be a mission that starts off in day but becomes night during the mission. JHMCS would be nice for known air threats, NVG would help spotting ground targets when night.
  3. My NVG switch no longer works nor does Shift H anybody else have this problem or a workaround? DCS Open Beta 2020-09-23
  4. Dont think its a cold start thing , ran mission with cold start and air start same results what gets me is that when Iam on the server with other players they have the probe light that works but I don't, but this is happening off line also. Tried night refueling with kc135/kc130 and sb3 same results with all three but because the fuel pods are closer to the fuselage and not on the wing tip like the 135 the 130 and sb3's nav lights are not as bright and don't hide the basket and its a little easier with the NVG (EDIT Just found this post recently) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.p
  5. For this test it was the standard refuel mission for the 18 just changed the time to night with no moon and Tanker to KC-135 with baskets, but when flying the night mission on the wing server I was the only ship that the prob light did not illuminate the basket nor the tanker but when looking at the F2 view you can see what looks like a flashlight.
  6. Is the refuel prob light a WIP ? Was trying a night refueling , some players had prob light that illuminated the basket I did not , when looking from outside F2 there was a faint prob light but from inside not enough to see the basket. Using NVG the nav lights on the tanker are so bright that it was difficult to see and judge the baskets position.
  7. I had problems with TrackIR until I tried this guys profile which helped me tremendously, I use it and it helped. Link
  8. This has happened several times not sure why if someone can take a look at the log file for a hint of corruption thanks 2020-01-26 03:38:37.735 DEBUG Scripting: cat 0 2020-01-26 03:43:31.025 INFO DX11BACKEND: Unloaded 254 mb of textures. 2020-01-26 03:45:31.010 INFO DX11BACKEND: Unloaded 0 mb of textures. 2020-01-26 03:45:32.267 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: During the last 600.0s an average of 111 units objects and 5 ballistic objects have been active per frame 2020-01-26 03:45:32.267 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: The average frame rate of 25.8fps would have been 26.8fps if the f
  9. class emitters In a sead mission there's SA2 and SA3's but also several Search radar's, when looking at the TOO page the Search radar box's are over the SA2 and 3's when toggling thru the radars I cant tell if the Harm's locked on the Search or Sam. I wanted to know what class is the search radar vs a SA2 or 3. I was trying to find info on a list of which category/class each radar would be under on the class page example would a search radar fall under H1 or H2 or HOS? I was thinking if an SA2 or 3 fell under an H2 then after selecting H2 the search radar box would not be displayed
  10. Yes I think it was a permission problem, I tried running in Admin but didn't generate file's. I tried to change permissions for DCS but wasn't sure how to do it correctly I dug up some info on installing DCS outside of \program files\ in windows to have more control over DCS and that worked. After reinstalling DCS outside program files in the root directory and running snowfox both files appeared in DCS's root directory. Great mission , thanks to you and all that helped getting persistence to work .:thumbup:
  11. lua's Can you tell me where these files are in the root and what there named? I dont think its generating these files and if not is there a way to manually crate them and put what target's were killed into the lua's to load next time? If you have Tacview running do you think it my be preventing the 2 files from being written ? Thanks
  12. DCS main folder there's no file missionscript lua in saved games/scripts folder
  13. mission files Dont see SnowfoxUnitInterment.lua or SnowfoxStaticInterment.lua anywhere in main DCS installation folder?
  14. Persistence ? Persistence seems to no longer work for me. When I reload the mission the target's that were destroyed are back. I backed up the mission script lua and changed it to reflect as instructed. sanitizeModule('os') --sanitizeModule('io') --sanitizeModule('lfs') require = nil loadlib = nil I backed up the mission script lua file before DCS hotfix update.
  15. Lat and Long Hornet This mission is a blast having fun trying to survive. The one thing I am trying to figure out though is when I get mission status not sure how to put the Lat/Long it gives example N 26.32.953 E 54.53.172 or N E into the Hornet's normal or precise which is either N XX.XX.XX or N XX.XX.XX.XX or N XX.XX.XXXX ? Thank You for such a great mission.
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