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  1. I've never been into helicopters much, but once in a while I feel like learning something new. So, DCS helicopters turned out to be their own little hell when trying to learn to fly them with your normal everyday warthog stick. A guy who flies Ka-50s at the virtual wing I'm a member of suggested I'd give one of these extensions a go. They worked wonders for him. So, I got myself the 15cm extension. He was right! Speedy delivery and no problem installing what so ever. Basically plug 'n' play! Only thing is that I'll have to make a drastic redesign to my setup now. I've Jury-rigged somethin
  2. Hi DArt, I can confirm that me and Looney have different licences, I've been using my own Licence since I joined the 132nd. Looney and myself also have been logged in simultaniously before with these licences. The moment he logged into LotATC I got disconnected and vice versa. There where two other controllers logged on at the time. I'm pretty sure I was number 3 to start LotATC and connect.
  3. Just thought I'd add to this thread. Just broke my installation as well. Had an error on de MIG-21 module which kept popping up. If I ignored the message I could just keep flying, but I decided I wanted to get rid of that message. I removed the Mig-21 module in the hopes of reinstalling it. After a reboot I couldnt start DCs at all! 1.5 still works, but no joy for 1.2. Currently in the process of redownloading in preperation of a completely new install. Clearly, the repair tool didnt work. It did download some stuff, but that didnt change the endresult. Cheers,
  4. I havn't realy been keeping up with this topic lately, but after reading through the past 10 pages or so I'm finding myself get exited about the Viggen comming to DCS. It seems I'm in the minority here though. Personaly I'm not that interested in the "F-somethings." Quite frankly the module that made me come to DCS was the MIG-21. Why? Because it made me curious. I watched a you tube movie and thought "Well, that's different. I should try that." The speculation about a Viggen is giving me the same thoughts. Sweden is just far enough away from the Netherlands for me to be unfamiliar witb
  5. I'm not realy sure I understand what you're saying here. You run a flight school for DCS? Should I imagine it is simular to the flight school type groups you see on Vatsim and the like? Excuse my ignorance, but I haven't realy taken DCS online yet. Loaded into a server once so far, and to be honest, I didnt realy know what to do next. Seemed a bit chaotic and non directed.
  6. Yep, my first guess would be the station selector. I can't remember ever having SAR on station 3 or 4. Could be possible perhaps? I'm not sure, Those stations are always my IR missiles.
  7. Sounds like a smart move. From my experience in software development the law of murphy seems to kick in soon after you speak the words "We'll have more information for you on <enter date here>" I have no idea why it works like that, but it sure feels that way...
  8. Hi Everyone, After seeing al these nice video's and given it some time to sink in I started wondering about that dual seat L-39 bit. I think it's a briliant development, but does anyone have an idea how that's supposed to work? Or are details to vague to say anything conclusive about it yet? For example. I imagine that if I own one of the trainer aircraft like the L-39, it'll give me the ability to invite someone with me into the aircraft. Perhaps someone has problems with a sertain manouver and you can take the instructor possition to help him/her through it. But is that true? Or would
  9. Yeah, the old terrain is wat struck me most to be honest. Those fields realy did look a lot more like fields. Sure, they get the idea accross the way they are now, but they are clearly old, worn and washed the wrong way. :thumbup:
  10. I ran into this for the first time yesterday after practicing intercepts. I had an unbalanced load on the aircraft. 1 R-3R missile left under my left wing. I figured it was part of the simulation and maybe my own fault for not using the drag chute to slow down. (I had a resonable landing and figured I could come to a stop with only wheel breaks. Was curious to see what would happen.) Whas kind of suprised this happened to be honest. I managed to stop it from getting out of hand by using pump break action (or how do you call it when you breack, let go, break and let go again?) I don't think
  11. Right with you on this! I've had DCS installed on my computer for a while now, but I've found it's been burning more and more of my spare time since I've gotten the Mig-21! And honestly, who could've imagined? I've never had any particulair interest in the Mig-21. Never realy given it much though to be honest. I'm glad to say that Leatherneck has shown me my misstake. So, perhaps a bit of topic, but briliant job with this module. Looking forward to the F-14! I've got fond memories of that aircraft flying it in Microprose's Fleet Defender. :thumbup:
  12. Quite a handfull to trim isnt it? Always seem to want to go up, or down. I got the trim to the appropriate hat on my joystick, but I find it rather fiddly to find that sweet spot. Who knows, maybe that rotary thing is a good idea.
  13. @Tomtekopf: Wow, thanks for capturing that on film! I'm trying to learn the Mig-21, and could swear targets sometimes just dissapear on me! Might not be all noobness atleast. Quite a comfort. :thumbup:
  14. Wow, cool! I'm realy new to DCS world, and I had (maybe naively) hoped that there would more offers like this from te veterans. So, kudo's sir! Would defenetly take you up on the offer, but allas, not my types of aircraft. All the best with teaching!
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