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  1. Just tested; they taxi with one light, and when they get on the runway they turn both lights on.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if something was off with the RADAR modelling of these emitters - triggering the RWR if within search volume instead of actually representing the actual beam. RADARs (and everything EM) will spread out as they travel - part of what makes up the inverse square law, so I'd expect that at a certain distance, 2 aircraft close to each other would receive the same indications even if only one is under attack. In DCS, I've launched a Harpoon at a ship, and received threat warnings from the ship (tracking/launch) even though I was something like 3x furth
  3. IIRC they said that the FCR is still a hope-to, and won't be available at EA, so yeah, it makes sense to be able to remove it (and improve aircraft performance) if we can't use it (at least initially).
  4. I think you just described perfection in DCS. I would kill for a mid-to-late Cold War Germany map (focusing on the northern and central regions); the place was the Cold War hotspot between NATO and the USSR, and if it were to go hot, it would be the place; it fits the era of most assets very well; as well as being one of the only places I can think of that has BLUFOR and REDFOR bases on the same map; we have a fair few modules with appropriate liveries (A-10A/C have a Spangdahlem livery, as does the F-16CM; the MiG-21bis has a Preschen livery, and the MiG-29S has a Damgarten livery
  5. Some time in the future, there will probably be an update to the damage modelling of ground vehicles, though I'm more inclined to say far future rather than near as it will require a major overhaul of every ground vehicle, including the most recent ones. At the moment DCS uses a HP system with no component level damage modelling; and, as far as I can tell by looking through the .lua files contained in the database, only a few vehicles have different zones with differing resistance (so far only the M1A2 and the T-72B3); however it is just a single number for each zone (which looks a lot like it
  6. Ahh yeah, the engines are probably doable (with very little investment I'm guessing), but the EW suite is almost certainly a no go, though it's not like DCS has a massive grasp on EW anyway.
  7. I wonder what the differences are between them, CVR7?
  8. What missions you fly are totally up to you, there's nothing stopping you from taking off from Senaki to bomb Sukhumi for instance. We don't have the maps that are large enough to mandate 10 hour missions, and probably won't until DCS World, includes, well, the world. All aircraft I would love to see, I love the idea of fast and low interdiction/strike. As for the mission planner, if the one in development offers the same functionality as in that other, F-16 orientated simulator, then fantastic.
  9. DCS: AH-64 just got its own subforum.
  10. +1 The only place where I might disagree on is the clicking to hide, particularly the throttle - some modules (namely the F-14 just off the top of my head) have the throttle already clickable which toggles it between off and idle, which I personally find very useful. But definitely with you on clickable ejection handles and really anything that standardises interaction.
  11. I used a poor example, the same thing applies to the F/A-18C and kinda the F-5E-3...
  12. Yeah, I think you're right, I always wondered about the F-5E (not E-3), as they're identical as far as I can tell at least. Fair enough, though there is Heatblur's A-6E and maybe the Draken; though in the case of the latter we haven't heard anything in what, years?
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