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    own almost all the modules but i play on the su-27, su-25(a), mig-15, and the bf-109. Mig-21 is my next project and soon as the the hawk's EFM comes out my friends and I plan on putting a lot of hours into that :)

    with NTTR going to be getting into the hog eventually but waiting for touchscreen
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    rebel occupied british north america
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    aviation of course
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  1. I'm just curious, what's the general player balance? looking at the scores on the website, axis have more players?
  2. i think realistically speaking comrades we should suggest aircraft that would fit in era wise with other modules and doesnt require a US or Russian secret clearance to get info on so my opinion, what id like to see WWII/late 40s: any axis fighter, esp pacific -also- P-80 Korea/50s Saab 29 70s-80s F-16A any mig 29 varient
  3. rather get the remaining western front fighters and some pacific stuff (and a b-25), all potentially years away, first... agreed, im not opposed to mismatched planes and maps, but this is supposed to be DCS WWII and if players of WWII sims are going to be attracted to DCS then we need a bonfide WWII sim...
  4. i am pretty happy with this philosophy, i think with other 3rd parties and ed, there will be enough aircraft to match up in a given appx time period, late 40s, early 50s, late 70s , 80s and a lot of the modules were common in 90s and up to today, even the mig21bis just need some super sabres, drakens and mig 17s to fill in the late 50s- mid 60s gap
  5. yeah theres going to have to be what-if 1946 or 47 scenarios i think lol, like if d-day failed and russians got stopped on the east earlier like at kursk, or later at operation bagration. would get an excuse to use carrier ups in the channel but as far as western front 1944 i think all of the run of the mill planes are in there, except bf109g series, which since i already own the k4 i wouldnt be buying (i do want the spanish bf109 though) i hope VEAO focuses on the early jets they have planned, i love early jet combat
  6. Sadly no as well, rather get more jets or ww2 planes (axis western front or pacfic pls) or resources towards a map Honestly at this point only future aircraft id be interested in, besides f-14, is 40s and 50s era fighters or axis fighters ( cough cough japan cough cough) Oh f-4e too but i guess manufacturer says no
  7. zantron

    DCS : Su-27S

    when they made the 3d cockpits for the su-25a, su27 and mig29, they must of put in the "skeletons" or like the absolute basics or whatever the programming/animation talk is to one day make the switches working for a future clickable cockpit, at least i would hope a asm Su-27S this would pretty much be *the* dcs plane i would fly... pls ed
  8. this is off topic comrades but i thought there were some differences between a F14A pit and a mid 90s F14b? i know different engines, but i thought in addition i thought the b type had a mfd or two (im talking b not d) in there along with slightly different panels, or am i totally wrong ?
  9. good luck with that engine management without a copilot and engineer and while keeping fps at a playable rate with the game simulating the guts of 4 giant radials besides ive read several times, doesnt dcs engine only allow two engines or something? @pharoah, i think b-25 maybe best :D
  10. zantron


    it is on hold for a while (probably year at least) until ED comes out with a ground radar, in meantime theyre making Av-8b harrier and tucano
  11. as much as i like bombers, i think best fit for the sim would be a twin engine plane like B-26, A-20 or A-26... can do both strategic bombing and tactical bombing also i wonder too when it comes to third party, for large multi engine planes like b-17 if a more FC3 style is way to go
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