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    PC-7 ?

    well i just post it :)
  2. Saab Draken would be AWESOME http://cdn-www.airliners.net/photos/airliners/8/1/8/1167818.jpg?v=v40
  3. mennor12

    PC-7 ?

    Maybe it's weird to post this now when they are making a tucano, but for me the pc-7 would be aswesome to fight with against that plane.. Just think about it Plane : http://www.bundesheer.at/waffen/images/pc7_1.jpg Older cockpit : https://old.hermannkeist.ch/bilder-pilatus-pc-7/image.raw?view=image&type=orig&id=926 Upgraded cockpit : http://www.aerodrome-gruyere.ch/photos/albums/userpics/10004/PC7II_Cockpit.jpg
  4. I'ts just a heli for the flying and challenging
  5. If you guys could kinda maybe look at the Alouette III, than maybe you guys could make one :)... I hope other people love this Heli to :D http://www.airteamimages.com/pics/86/86017_800.jpg
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