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  1. Mitsubishi F-1 and Mitsubishi F-2 "Viper Zeros" are both used by JASDF,they are both outstanding birds,But it is a pity that we can not see them in simulation games. Mitsubishi is also famous for its "A6M2 Zero" in WW2,I reckon that it is interesting for ED and pilots to touch the "Supersonic Zero".:megalol: Hayate
  2. Nice idea,it is a interesting experience for observer ,especially he want to learn how to use P-51 effectively(including me)
  3. Has any plan about JASDF F-1 or F-2?They are all interesting birds。
  4. To me it is 5:00AM,it is a serious time to get up lol
  5. In fact I think FJ-1or FJ-2 is more interesting lol
  6. It is very interesting to see MIG21 vs F-4
  7. Hmmmm,it seems that i need a rio friends lol
  8. GJ!I think I need a RIO friend lol
  9. In fact I prefer F-2...but it is a JASDF plane =.=
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