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  1. yeah it seems something is borked with the latest OB version.
  2. is there a way to do CFT's without the additional tail extension? To create a fictional USAF version...
  3. cant wait man! keep it up!!!
  4. --BORT NUMBER-- --F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_DECAL (REFUEL)-- {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_DECAL", 0, "f16_bl50_main_1", false}; {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_DECAL", 1, "f16_bl50_main_1_normal", true}; {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_DECAL", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "f16_bl50_main_1_roughmet", false}; {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_DECAL", DECAL, "F16_AF_91_Decal_2", false}; --F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER (NOSE AND REFUEL)-- {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER", 0, "f16_bl50_main_1", false}; {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER", 1, "f16_bl50_main_1_normal", true}; {"F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "f16_bl50_ma
  5. About 3 months after it’s fixed on Open Beta
  6. will you be providing a paintkit/template for the virtual squadrons to easily create their own ready rooms?
  7. you dont need to edit the default lua. you need to make the correct bort changes in the luas for the other skins. as well as adding the 'custom args' lines
  8. I have an issue with the nose and intake numbers now. (At work so can’t post screens unfortunately). But I’ve followed the updated lua coding but I can’t eliminate the “background” of the intake BORT nor the bottom half of the nose BORT numbers.
  9. agreed. but it is missing some small details like the hoist location indicators.
  10. Are you going to release an updated “blank” template with all your updates so we can use it to make our own skins?
  11. how would that new roughmet look without using reshade?
  12. lee1hy, are you able to share your updated normal and rough layers? I'm unsure how to create these with GIMP. Thank you.
  13. Wags, can you post a shot (or a forum post where you already shared this if applicable) to your nVidia control panel settings as well as your in-game settings. we have very similar system builds but your videos/gameplay captures look much better and smoother than my stuff. Cheers.
  14. Skate, trying to add SteamVR location to the tool, but I cannot seam to get ti to work. I don't use the 'default' steam install location, its on another drive but the file structure is all the same. My steamVR vrmonitor.exe is E:\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\win64\vrmonitor.exe any help? is there a different location i should select it from? i have a deskstop shortcut as well but it wont show on the list in the utility tool.
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