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  1. Regarding your question of SAM sites working together, by default no, but it can be achieved by using Skynet IADS. This script allows for Sam sites to become integrated, so they don't continuously employ their own radars (giving away their position) but rather use information from early warning radars. Makes them significantly more interesting, smarter, and deadlier.
  2. Amy update on when LSO addon becomes available for Supercarrier in Tacview?
  3. Agreed on all points, polygonal trigger zones (ideally with a way to have altitude brackets as well) will be a very useful feature for mission editor. I am aware it is part of the core improvements mentioned in the last IADS module information post, but hopefully this can be expedited somewhat. This should probably be moved to the mission editor wishlist section of the forum (https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/816-mission-editor-wish-list/).
  4. ED please this is absolutely frustrating and a better more future proof system is needed.
  5. Big +1, we should be able to treat flags as namable variables. It gets extrely confusing to keep track of even simple missions using more than 10 flags as they have no identifier describing what they achieve.
  6. Big +1, this really should be a condition check (like Unit alive) under triggers. Similarly, we cannot do specific checks on specific objectID's (eg one specific building) without resorting to external scripting libraries. These functionality needs to be integrated natively in the mission editor, as the vast majority of AG missions will be directed against static scenery targets.
  7. In regards to the A10, there was a longstanding issue with drag that was resolved with the release of the A10C II (also resolved for A10A and A10C as they share the same flight model). I assume this was the issue you were referring to.
  8. On a side note, did you keep any information on what the various marks were for in a seperate document (date/time, video/news source)? Would be handy if you have, if not no worries. Awesome resource either way looking forward to building some missions. Would love to know more about this open source project as well, feel free to PM me if you are not wanting to share a link directly.
  9. This is insane. Well done, a fantastic resource for mission makers!
  10. Per @BIGNEWY there does seem to be things that Razbam can do to improve the lighting.
  11. Aarnoman


    I agree, particularly jet engines and gunfire sounds don't seem to carry particularly far and become attenuated earlier than they do in comparable video footage.
  12. +1. I think there is a big untapped market for coop campaigns.
  13. I'm done buying Razbam products. This whole argument is completly silly at this point as Elmo/by extension Razbam as a whole is incapable of grasping the point made by many community members in multiple threads now, with screenshots repeatedly showing the decrease in clarity. Also the point that this affects regular flat screens, VR devices, and exported MFD's also seems to be impossible to grasp for some reason. This whole endevaour is completly frustrating, it really should not require this level of pushback from the community for it to be recognised that 1) This is a genuine issue th
  14. See these examples taken with settings of ViewDistance: Extreme, Tree Visibility 100%. As is easily observable the boundary where trees spawn in is still very clearly discernible. At these settings, trees should render past 15nm like they do on other maps such as Caucasus and Persian Gulf. I recognise this was likely done as a measure to improve performance, but on maximum settings render distance should be large enough for the circle of trees spawning in to not be noticable. Alternatively, the ground texture should resemble the forest covered areas better so the trees spawning in is
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